Poetry's Of Forgotten Cupid-Lust

My Poetry from 2011 to right now, I start doing Poems long time ago at the age of 12 and people never thought of me like that or really anything into these things. So it a forgotten hobby people never remember, so it the forgotten words of your host Cupid Lust herself....which is me.


10. Section 2: Loneliness Withing Me


Was away in the wasteland

the land fill with

hate & pain.

As much as my heart contains,

crying away as I feel like rain,

seeing my darkness fears right in my


Where this life is a lie

their isn't simple anything right about it.

" Life noting but a nightmare and a game "

As I cry more, you can't forget you

date you set as single no good whore

trying to get me...

Why me?!

As I will

say later on the road once again, as I tell my fellows and

my best friends

" Life is a living hell, don't you ever say you couldn't tell

or even forget the pain or cause of the conflicting 

coming around cause this world will soon fall down! "


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