Poetry's Of Forgotten Cupid-Lust

My Poetry from 2011 to right now, I start doing Poems long time ago at the age of 12 and people never thought of me like that or really anything into these things. So it a forgotten hobby people never remember, so it the forgotten words of your host Cupid Lust herself....which is me.


12. Section 2: Cupid Shot

Aphrodite; Goddess Of Love


I am Aphrodite, goddess of love

as my son; Cupid

will make you fall in love.

No matter what you do,

the bow'n'arrow will

shoot, your

heart-Not your head.


As you thought it will end, it is

just the beginning my friend,

to found a true lover

in the end to

love once again.


So sing with me & Dionysus as we

celebrate V-day as

known as



We Will rise with Hermes, 

we will give messager 

a dove; Saying


" I love you, and please love me

back on this wonderful day

that I need "

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