Poetry's Of Forgotten Cupid-Lust

My Poetry from 2011 to right now, I start doing Poems long time ago at the age of 12 and people never thought of me like that or really anything into these things. So it a forgotten hobby people never remember, so it the forgotten words of your host Cupid Lust herself....which is me.


2. Section 1: Forever Lasting Love

Rose's,Power Over Me

Roses are red
violet are blue
They so sweet just like you,
A Rose power of all
it wonders 
like their awesome color's
coming before me.
That powerful, wonderful smell
while it breauty drives me insane
Blue of all the depresse 
Red as the fire of never lasting passion of love
while yellow is the heaven above.
Color meaning is melting me
my body feels hot like bud of a rose
as the thorns coming out.
As the leaves & petals fell.


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