Sorrows of Hopes of Tomorrow

Will Rosemary find her confidence and ignore the bad comments or will she continue building up walls, hiding herself from the layers of clothes she wears?
Rosemary was just a normal girl moving into a new city until bad finds her. Mason was those typical jocks at school.
-Has girls swarming him
-Good looks
-Popular, obviously.
But when they both meet they're put to the test.
(In a few reading sites. Copyrighted ©iHasMuffin)


11. Chapter 9.

Chapter 9

“Dude, I need food inside of me, like right NOW!” yelled Arden.

“Okay, where do you want to eat then?” asked Jason.

“I’m up for Carl’s Jr.” I suggest.

“Hmm, that might be a great idea” said Arden.

“What do you mean “might”?! Of course it’s a great idea!”, I objected.

“Okay, Carl’s’ Jr. it is!” said Jason. I packed my books in my backpack and grabbed Arden’s car keys from her hand. I walked out of the library, followed by my amigo/as. We decided that we study in the library instead of the cafeteria because it was very loud. We were about to get some things from our locker but was stopped by the speakers in the hall.

“Good afternoon students. Today will be a short day because all teachers have an important meeting after lunch so all students are free to go. Sorry for the short notice. Have a great day!”, the principal said through the speaker.

“WOO! HERE WE COME FOOD!”, Arden enthusiastically yelled. We grabbed our things in our locker and headed out. We were halfway to the car but was interrupted by someone calling my name. I knew that voice from anywhere and I fast walked to the car. I started the ignition and yelled out to my amigo/as who was stopped by one of their friends, “HURRY UP BITCHES!”. They heard me and ran to the car. They finally went inside and I backed the car up from the parking spot and went our way to Carl’s Jr.

“What’s the rush, Mars?”, Arden asked. “Taylor’s the rush, Arden.”


We finally arrived to Carl’s Jr. and went to the drive thru because we are lazy bums. I ordered the Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger with a side of fries and a strawberry milkshake. Arden and Jason had a big appetite right now so they both ordered the Western Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of fries and chicken tenders and chocolate milkshake for Arden, vanilla for Jason. We payed in the first window then got our food in the next window which we started eating immediately.


Once we finished our food, we go and start studying AGAIN for our english test that supposedly “huge” in our grade. We start with our notes and then took some practice test. After failing almost half of the quizzes, we finally have the topic of the test engraved in our heads.

“Ugh, that was so much work. You don’t mind if I crash on your couch don’t you?” Arden said exhaustively.

“Go ahead” I said.

“THANK YOU BABE” she gratefully said. Arden then crashes onto the couch. I watch my cartoons while Arden sleeps on the couch like a little cat. I then get a tap on my shoulder by Jason.

“Umm, can I talk to you?” he said.

“Sure.” I said as I walk away from Arden. We head to the backyard and saw that it was already dark outside. I turned on the lights and it exploded with color. I looked at Jason and saw him gaze around my backyard in awe. I’m very glad that I put the christmas lights around the fence and back of the house a few days ago, even though it’s not close to Christmas. I just thought that it would look cool and my golly, it looks amazing.

“So… what do you want to talk about?” I asked.

“Umm, well, I really... like Arden. But I don’t know how to ask her out. I figured that you would since you’re her best friend and all” Jason said.

“KNEW IT. I CALLED IT. Anyways, well, she likes it when people are funny around her, cus ya know that she’s a joker. Other than that, I think you should be yourself. Just look at me, I had no friends and I got at least 2 by being myself” I said.

“Yeah, you’re right. When is the right time to ask her out though?” Jason nervously asked me.

“Well I think you shouldn’t ask her out today, because she’s sleeping first off all. But ask her out when you are ready”

“Okay, thanks a lot for the info, ya coming inside?” Jason said with a smile.

“Umm, I think I’ll just stay here for a bit. Just make sure not to hook up in my bed” I said with a wink.

“WHAT! Why would I do that? I think I’m not ready for that anyways”

“That’s what they all say” I said with a smirk.

“What is that suppose to mean?!” Jason asked with an expression of worry.

“It simply means not to hook up in my bed, got it?” I said with a smirk still on my face.

“Yup, got it. I’m gonna go now”

“Okay, go on.” I said as Jason walks back into the house.  I walked around my backyard and found a blanket from our small shed where we keep random things in there. I suddenly thought of an idea of what to do with the blanket. I went to the center of my backyard and spread the blanket on top of the grass. I lay down and admire the starry night sky and the twinkling lights I put around the backyard. Then the image of Taylor appears in my mind.

What a good way to ruin the moment,  I thought sarcastically. The kiss keeps replaying in my mind. Man.. that kiss was goo- I mean bad, yeah horrible! I touch my lips and can still feel the tingles from this afternoon, even though I ate a lot today.. I removed my finger from my lips and continue staring at the sky and slowly fell asleep.

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