Sorrows of Hopes of Tomorrow

Will Rosemary find her confidence and ignore the bad comments or will she continue building up walls, hiding herself from the layers of clothes she wears?
Rosemary was just a normal girl moving into a new city until bad finds her. Mason was those typical jocks at school.
-Has girls swarming him
-Good looks
-Popular, obviously.
But when they both meet they're put to the test.
(In a few reading sites. Copyrighted ©iHasMuffin)


9. Chapter 8.

Chapter 8.


That's Claire! 

(just a random image I found in google so the personality of Claire is not hers)

Eeks. It's been a while huh? oopsie doopsie. 

Also, every chapter will now have a song that connects to the chapter.

Song: Something’s Gotta Give

Artist: All Time Low

After his lips leave my lips, I feel a sudden anger run through me. I was in fact shocked but as you can see, I’m mostly angry. I stand up and I start to yell at him.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?! “ I said in anger.

“Uh.. I- I don’t know. It just happened. Uh, um, did you like it?”

“Get out!”


“GET THE HELL OUT MY HOUSE NOW!”  I yell to him. He then grabs his stuff and leaves my house. I had anger towards him ever since that day.


One week later


It’s been 1 week of ignoring Taylor. What he did was shocking, stupid, manipulative…, won- WAIT WHAT?! No no no, it was stupid! Yes, stupid! NOT all those stuff! Blehh!

He’s a dumb ass, he’s a motherf*cker, he’s a son of a b*tch! Yes…that made me feel so much better. It’s Wednesday and today I’m going to the park near my school  with Arden and Jason. We’re planning on studying there since we have a big test for history the following day.

I enjoy history actually, it’s one of my favorite subjects. I finally get up and change into my clothes, then I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and stuff. After that, I ate a small snack which was a pecan muffin.

I LOVE pecans but I wasn’t really hungry right now. I then head out and start to walk to the bus stop, which is my only transportation to school because I still hate driving and also that I ran out of gas for some reason.


While waiting for the bus, not only did I see the same ol’ lady yelling at a stop sign but an old man joining in with her. I was laughing my ass off until the bus I arrived, I immediately put on a blank face. I hop onto the bus and sat in the back  listening to my awesome music through my earbuds. As the bus starts moving, I cracked a smile, thinking that the ol’ lady & man end up together or that they are together and do this daily.


The bus stops and I continue my journey to prison, which is school. As I get closer, and closer to school, I hope to god that Taylor won’t bug me like he did for the past 2 days. The worst part is that he knows where I live and can come anytime without my permission.

I walk into school and I try looking for Arden and Jason. I walk down the hallway until I finally see them. I go up to them and I tell them about what happened with Taylor.

“I’m so sorry Rose. I can beat his ass if you want me too” offers Arden.

“No it’s fine. We’re still up for the study session, right?” I asked Arden and Jason.

“Of course we are. We don’t want to fail the test, right Jason?” Arden says by patting Jason’s back.

“Yeah. Don’t wanna ruin our grades.. haha..” said Jason akwardy. I could tell that Arden made him feel weird with the face expression he made and how stiff he looked by her patting his back.

We continued to walk down the hallway until I see Taylor laughing with his friends. I’ve tried everything I could do to avoid him. Right when we were getting along, he starts to ruin things.

Ugh, why does my life have to be so complicated, I think to myself. I then start to speed walk, blocking my face with a book so he doesn’t notice me, but right when I passed him, he said “Hey”, but I just ignored it. Apparently, my so called ‘invisibility’ wasn’t good enough. The warning bell rang and I continued walking to my 1st period class, math.


After 3rd period, it’s lunch, so I go and sit in my usual spot, the willow tree. Arden and Jason aren’t there yet, so I wait for them by eating my crappy lunch. The lunch they served are crappy because the cheese and ham or turkey they put on the sandwich look dried up and honestly looks like someone lick the cheese and puts it in the sandwich. It doesn’t taste that bad if you put the mayo and mustard on it though so even though it’s crappy, it taste pretty good. After eating my sandwich, I begin to eat an apple until, the person I hate the most walks towards me.


She’s the popular girl at my school, the b*tch basically but she is also the person who dared me to kiss Taylor.

What a typical school...

“What do you want from me?” I asked Claire and her gang or posy which were also there.

“I’ve heard that you’ve been tutoring my boyfriend, Taylor.” she said as she thought she had authority over me.

“I’m not tutoring him anymore. And I thought you broke up with him?” I said with hatred and confusion in my voice.

“We did but I’m planning on getting him back. Taylor doesn’t like girls like you” she tells me.

“Then why did he ki--.. I really don’t give a flying f*ck if you want him back or not. We’re not dating and I don’t even want to be near him.” I said with confidence.

“Excuse me?!”

“I said it. Now bye bitch. You can leave now, toodles.”, I said wiggling my fingers, waving bye. Claire yelled, “Ugh” and walked away with her posy right when Arden and Jason were coming.

Arden & Jason sat in front of me with their lunch with confusion in their eyes.


“What was that about? What did they want?”, Arden asked.

“Just Taylor shizzle. Oompa Loompa wanting him back. Saying he doesn’t like girls like me.. Like what the double hockey sticks. Why the frick did he kiss me then?!”, I said the last sentence in a whisper.

“He’s full of sh*t. Lets just say that.”, Jason finally said.

When he said that, Arden takes Jason hand and places a slammin’ high five which Jason flinches and immediately takes his hand away. “Arden! That hurt.. A LOT!”, he said.

“Aww, do you want me to kiss it?”, Arden said like a mother would say to her child.

The only thing Jason did was blush which made Arden and I laugh.

“Shall we start studying?”, Arden said, still laughing with a little sparkle in her eye.
"We shall!"

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