Sorrows of Hopes of Tomorrow

Will Rosemary find her confidence and ignore the bad comments or will she continue building up walls, hiding herself from the layers of clothes she wears?
Rosemary was just a normal girl moving into a new city until bad finds her. Mason was those typical jocks at school.
-Has girls swarming him
-Good looks
-Popular, obviously.
But when they both meet they're put to the test.
(In a few reading sites. Copyrighted ©iHasMuffin)


4. Chapter 3.

Chapter 3


I arrived home and I leave my bag next to the doorstep of my room. The house is usually empty so I’m use to it.  My mom usually has a business trip every week so I’m left alone at home for weeks or months but my mom pays the bills, food, etc which is good. I went towards my bookshelf overfilled with book, grabbed a random book and sit on my bed. The book I’m currently reading is called ”The Dying Girl” which is about this girl who feels like dying every second of her life and is dying because of a sickness she has. It’s not that bad but it’s kind  of weird if you ask me and that’s why It’s one of my favorite books. I’ve read it 3 times and this is my 4th time reading it. I was almost done until I drift off to sleep.


The next day



I get up. Get ready, do my usual routine except for the fact that I might have anxiety attack which I get once in a while in some mornings. I get out the house, walk to school and head to my locker and get my books but he’s there.

“Hey!” he says

I ignore him since we made an agreement not to talk to one another at school.

“Hello? I’m trying to talk to you.”

“I told you that I’m not speaking to you at school. Remember the agreement?” I said.

“Oh yeah. So I can’t talk to you?” he asked with a confused face.

How stupid can he be. >.<

“Yeah you can’t and here’s the note since you’re here and go away” I annoyingly said.

“Okay then” then he walks away. I go to my usual hang space which is the tree. We eat lunch, go to class. The boring stuff.


Once school was over, I walk home waiting for him to go to my house.  Surprisingly, he was already there.

“Hi” he said.

“Hello” I replied.

While I open the gate to let us both in, I see him staring at me in the corner of my eye. From what I see, he has this little spark in his eye and I’m trying to figure out why. Once I turned my head to look at him he quickly looked away and his cheeks turned light pink.

I chucked and said, “You ready, pink man?” That made him blush harder.

I let him in the gate and into the door of my house. I tell him to set his things on the living room table, while I put my backpack away. I head to the table and sit two seats away from him. “So what do you need help on?” I ask.

“I need help on math and english” he said

“Well, you’re in luck. I have straight A’s in both of those classes.” I said.

“Okay thats great. I need you to come closer though.”

“Heh?!” I said, glaring at him.

“Well, you can’t tutor me all the way there, can you?” he said with a smirk. 
I rolled my eyes and glared at him. All he did was smirk.

I was so annoyed that I got up my seat to get something in my room.

“Wait! Where are you going?” he said.

I didn’t reply but carried on walking to my room to get my large sized, rectangular white board and drag it down stairs to use to tutor him.

Why do I have it in my room, you may ask? Well, I just do. When the board touched the floor of the living room, I pushed it all the way where I sat two seats away from him and tried to mock his voice. “Well, you can’t tutor me all the way there, can -cough- you?” 
“Well guess what, YES I CAN!”, I said enthusiastically but annoyed. 
All he did was laugh. He laughed so hard that he was rolling on the floor.

“You know what.. If you’re just going to laugh all day, I might as well just not tutor you… so get out” I said coldly. That made him stop laughing and look at me with sorry eyes.

“Thought so. Anyways, what subject do you want to start with first?”



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