Sorrows of Hopes of Tomorrow

Will Rosemary find her confidence and ignore the bad comments or will she continue building up walls, hiding herself from the layers of clothes she wears?
Rosemary was just a normal girl moving into a new city until bad finds her. Mason was those typical jocks at school.
-Has girls swarming him
-Good looks
-Popular, obviously.
But when they both meet they're put to the test.
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2. Chapter 1.

First chapter! How exciting. Hope you guys like it!

Chapter 1

        It was the first day of school. I woke up, with my hair in a messy bun. Brushed my semi-beautiful teeth. Took a long and painful thought shower. What I would usually do before school. This year I’m a junior which is one year away from being a senior. And another year from college.

I hate high school. So many bullies and populars.
Drama x2 than middle school.

That’s where most people cause drama. I sometimes wish I was homeschooled so I didn’t have to deal with dumbasses like I usually do on a daily bases.

     As I walk out my small white room I go straight out the door and to the bus stop and skip breakfast. I normally don’t eat breakfast. I figured if I eat, I’ll live and I don’t want that to happen so the only time I eat is my squishy sandwich lunch.  

My transportation to school is usually the bus because I don’t like driving. I rather walk and get hit by a car and die than having a ticket from speeding. I hop into the bus, It smelled like piss, and every seat was covered in gum or even holey fake leather seats. I sat in a holey seat and put on my crummy white headphones, and wait as I go to my death sentence.



        I jump off the bus and head to my school Letterfield High School. Walking up the white staircase to the school’s door’s I feel my heart burst , and get ready for an ugly year. As I enter school, all you see is bumped up lockers on each sides of the hallway, and the old office with the bitch office teacher, Ms.Jacobs, but of course seeing the same people. The same dumbasses that I have to deal with.

“Hey slut.”

That’s what I have to hear on a daily bases. Slut. Whore. Hoe. This is one of the main reasons why I want to kill myself.

But I’m smart enough to know that if I give up, I’m losing the battle and most importantly losing to them. One mistake can and will change you life.


        I go to my new locker blue, old, and crappy. I place my new binder and books in my locker. I grab my music book and head to my Music class. As I was walking to class, I gladly catch up with my friend, Arden. She’s been my friend since freshmen year. She’s helped me a lot with my depression and anxiety. She gave me tips on how to ignore dumbasses and she’s also been through the same thing except hers was worse. She was bullied mentally and physically. I’m just lucky that I don’t get beat up on a daily bases. Though Arden is beautiful, she has red hair which is always pinned in a bun all the time, and has beautiful brown eyes, with a smooth white, creamy skin.

And then there’s my guy friend or my bro, Jason. He’s dealt with racism since he’s black but I think color doesn’t matter.

IT’S COMMON SENSE. Everyone is human.

He was also made fun and had rumors for being ‘gay’, but of course he’s not. Anyways, I know his crush.




He loved her since he laid eyes on her.

Love at first sight?

Doesn't exist.
Jason has a beautiful brown silk skin , with brown eyes, but he is very skinny and scrawny, but of course he’s a gentleman.

         As we were walking to class, some fucker bumped into me and made me drop my books. Then I saw his face. It was himI was wide eyed and quickly crouch down to pick up my books and rapidly ran away to my 1st class which is music.
“Wait!”, he says. I only kept my eyes forward, and even left Arden behind.


Ha, now he speaks.


Before he can catch up to me, I was already in the classroom breathing heavily. My classmates were staring at me with confusion but I ignored them and went straight to my seat.



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