Role Play

"Where do I go from here?" The little lost girl asked the void. It didn't respond at first.
"Where would you like to go?" A voice asked.
The lost little girl looked up out of the darkness to the being looking down above. The sunlight up there was to blinding to make them out.
"I don't know..." The little girl said this after thinking it over. "Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing?"
The being above grinned a wide grin.
"Then let me give you something to do, it'll be fun. In the end you will discover your true dream and work towards it on your own. I will be the one to give you something to live for."
It was then that the little girl noticed his face, and accepted.
The man stretched out his long hand to both the little girl's and pulled her out with a swift strength.
"Come now little Rabbit," the man beckoned her to follow him after setting her on the ground.
The little girl followed him obediently.


2. The Kitchen's Wall & Xiximi

"This is the kitchen...that's the hall...

this is the pantry, over there's the wall...

that's the fridge, stove, cupboard, and that's all...

that's all?" I rehearse Mr. Uranus' rhyme in my mind and find myself at a lost.

"He said that everything I needed was in here but where will I sleep? Where will I stay at night?" I roam the kitchen looking through cupboards and the pantry. After a while I stand before a wall or rather "the wall" why would he just mention a wall of all things... was this supposed to be important or was he just trying to rhyme?" 

I linger before the wall, confused and growing a little flustered. I knock on it to make sure it wasn't hollow. Nothing happened. Of course nothing would. I sigh. Then glance at my green card.

"This is your access card, it is also your ID, you can expect payment, information concerning the details of your class and your achievements and rewards, this little thing is key."

Mr. Uranus' voice echoes inside my head and I wave the card around before the wall. Nothing happens. A key... he said it was a key right? Was that just a figure of speech or was this more meaning behind his words? I press the card against the wall and slide it around until I hear a soft click. The wall automatically slides open revealing a simple bedroom. I step in hesitant at first, startled when the wall closes behind me. 

As I step in further I see the room is actually bigger, there was a lot of space to the left of my room, bigger than the kitchen in fact.... it even had a hall revealing seven doors. A door of seven colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Rainbow colors huh? At the very end of the hall was another door.

~~Behind the other door was a room made of glass. As soon as I step in the glass glows a light blue-green color. When the color fades all I can see is my half naked reflection. I was wearing blue-green underwear, though I'm sure I was wearing white before along with clothing....?

"Step forward." An automatic voice fills the room. Curious, I obey.

"To the center."

I step towards the center of the room. The tile that I step on glows the previous color a blue beacon engulfs me and in that split second fabric emerges from the glass whirling around me, along with strings of thread, needles, scissors, lace, and other objects that I couldn't quite make out. The objects spin around faster until it's one spinning blur. I blink. A long sleeved frilly sea foam dress with knee socks, a blue and green striped vest and strapped kitten heel shoes float towards me, before I know it I'm levitating and these items fit themselves onto me on their own.

Even my hair was rearranged into an elegant braided bun. I looked so professional for a fourteen year old girl, so capable... the girl that looked back at me was a total and complete stranger. 

"Dressing complete. Please, step forward."

When I do, this time the watch that I was given changes into a pocket watch that floats into the inner pocket of my vest.

"Outfit compliments of Sponsor.... Uranus. A freebie."

It was the last thing the room said. Everything stops glowing and soon I'm left in darkness, but there was light behind me leading out of the room back to the hall of seven doors.

~~~~The red door opened out into a stairwell leading down. The bright light there signified sunshine. Curious I hurry down. Another hall. Instead of doors there were tall arches in the halls exposing a forest around it. I'm halfway through the hall when an ominous feeling overwhelms me. I got a very strong feeling that I'm being watched. I take one step back. Slowly, then as I reach the stairs I make a run for it. The second I'm on the other side I lock the door to the hall.

Even though I didn't see anything, I had felt something. Something... ominous.

I back away from the red door.

My gaze shifts to the others, were they all the same?

"Hello?" A young girl's voice calls from the bedroom. As I emerge from the hall she whirls around startled but after looking me over calms herself.

"Are you Pleaide Uranus?"

I wasn't in a very good mood to speak given the recent events so I just nod at the girl. She was about my age, or maybe a year younger. She looked like a little asian china doll with her porcelain white skin and silky black hair, though it was clear she was mixed with something else because her eyes were an absolute purple.

"My name is Xiximi Frolo, Uh... I just got here."

Which clearly means that she doesn't know anymore than I do I assume. I smile politely.

"This way." Is all I can say as I lead her to the hall all the way down to the end.

Once we reach the dark room lights up again.

"Come in." The room tells her. Xiximi gives me an uncertain look and I nod at her. Once she enters the door automatically shuts behind her giving me time to think.

What exactly was I supposed to do here? At first I thought I would simply just be working in the kitchen but the "access card" that I was given obviously meant there was more to my job. There was no furniture in the bedroom, not even beds. Besides the room at the end of the hall it's the only thing that's proven to be useful though I'm still not sure what its purpose is besides clothing us.

I pull out my access card. It was a brilliant green, the same green as one of the doors. I approach it just as Xiximi steps out of the room.

She was wearing a traditional maid outfit in the same teal colors as mine. I smile supportively but don't say anything. She doesn't say anything either, just follows me in as I open the door to the green room.


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