Role Play

"Where do I go from here?" The little lost girl asked the void. It didn't respond at first.
"Where would you like to go?" A voice asked.
The lost little girl looked up out of the darkness to the being looking down above. The sunlight up there was to blinding to make them out.
"I don't know..." The little girl said this after thinking it over. "Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing?"
The being above grinned a wide grin.
"Then let me give you something to do, it'll be fun. In the end you will discover your true dream and work towards it on your own. I will be the one to give you something to live for."
It was then that the little girl noticed his face, and accepted.
The man stretched out his long hand to both the little girl's and pulled her out with a swift strength.
"Come now little Rabbit," the man beckoned her to follow him after setting her on the ground.
The little girl followed him obediently.


1. The Card handed to me

"This is the kitchen, that's the hall,

this is the pantry, over there's the wall,

that's the fridge, stove, cupboard, and that's all." He whirls on me. 


I shake my head. 

Mr. Uranus narrows his eyes at me. Quickly realizing my rudeness, I correct myself.

"I mean no- no sir!" 

He nods at me as if satisfied with my self-correction. 

"This is where you shall stay, everything that you'll ever need will be here." he's already making his way out the kitchen and I quickly call out to him.

"Sir, please wait!"

He turns around slowly while giving me a concerned raise of an eyebrow.

"My hand...."

"Ah!... yes."

He flicks the card at me and I quickly clap my hands together in order to catch it. 

It was a green card, but the clovers were white.

"This is your access card, it is also your ID, you can expect payment, information concerning the details of your class, and your achievements and rewards, this little thing is key." He says this quickly before stepping back into the room. "This is also a gift from me, every asset has it." He kneels down to slip a sparkly green watch onto my wrist.

"Never take it off Pleiade." 

His rich blackberry eyes stared deeply into my own and for a second he reminded me of Father. I have to keep reminding myself that he's his twin. Mr. Uranus pats my head before smiling passively.

"Best of luck to you my child." he backs away only to bow with one hand behind his back and the other placed over his chest. "Remember everything I have taught you and you will survive." 

Its only after he's gone that my new reality dawns on me. 

This is my life now.

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