Role Play

"Where do I go from here?" The little lost girl asked the void. It didn't respond at first.
"Where would you like to go?" A voice asked.
The lost little girl looked up out of the darkness to the being looking down above. The sunlight up there was to blinding to make them out.
"I don't know..." The little girl said this after thinking it over. "Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing?"
The being above grinned a wide grin.
"Then let me give you something to do, it'll be fun. In the end you will discover your true dream and work towards it on your own. I will be the one to give you something to live for."
It was then that the little girl noticed his face, and accepted.
The man stretched out his long hand to both the little girl's and pulled her out with a swift strength.
"Come now little Rabbit," the man beckoned her to follow him after setting her on the ground.
The little girl followed him obediently.


4. Guess and Guests: How to Play

 In this server you are a guest, it is your job to guess. 

In this mystery game you must discover your role while unveiling the mystery that has yet to be told. Whether it's murder, theft or finding a lost item. The hints to this game? The guest can find it right beside them. 


 Three cards you get in the beginning of three round.

Two of them are blank, one of them is exception

The hint will disappear at the start of other rounds

so be careful not to forget this time around!


Card hints should be...

1. First card describes your character's behavior, you must act accordingly to this card.

2. Second card describes your given role's likes and dislikes.

3. Gives you a command, you must be careful with the timing of this action.


The third card is the last hint. By then you must have an idea as to what role your character plays in the game's story and continue on acting as how you're given character would act. By the end of the day the player must guess the guest responsible for the problem posed in the mystery.


*If you were able to guess your character role correctly you will be given bonus points at the end. 

**If you were able to guess roles of the others around you, you will be given more bonus points based on the number of identities you guessed correctly. 

***If someone else guesses your identity correctly you will not be rewarded any bonuses.


You have half an hour to guess the guest responsible behind the problem of this quest.


Hope this was helpful.


~Your Game Guide and Mascot




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