"DD" Book One: New Self

Last time, we seen Duck Dodger he rejected the Queen Of Mars on her wedding day of commander X2-Now invite to a mystery party he won't only be with his worst enemy he will be face to face with his future self. Without knowing his true fate of the future, Duck Dodger still has no common sense to mind what he is going to do. And the poor cadet is by his side when he does something complete stupid


2. Chapter One: The invite

" Dodgers? " Doctor IQ try to call out, waiting only few minutes longer 
" Dodgers!" Now final Cadet & Duck Dodger come fort to the ship computer screen

" Oh go-goo-good morning IQ " The cadet said, still trying to wake up
" Oh is it hanging " Dodger said


" Dodgers, I need you to watch the lab while am away I have to go to a party with my brother to this mystery festive thing going on. " IQ said in a fancy manner like a school girl founding out she is queen for prom.


Both look at each for a split second then started to laugh hard

" Hey! Why are you laughing?! Am being serious! " IQ said as he yell into the screen


" S-soo-so-sor-sorry     s--sir-sir " Cadet said, as he lower his head

" Who in the world, would invite a dork like you to a party?! " Dodger kept on laughing

until a mystery card pop out of no where.


" What the...." IQ said

The card was golden plated with silver words saying

" Your Invite to Mystery Party "

Inside the card read

Your invite to a

" Mystery Party " your one of our main guest to this party same along with few others 
I hope you can come, if not I understand but I know you can't so either way you will come somehow same as the cadet...

" Hey! H-ho-how d-di-did he kn-kno-know m-my name? "
" I don't know same with me...." Their both read little bit more

 Their will be food, drink, gifts & a perfect surprise for each guest, see you soon hehe or twice maybe
                              Your host: GB 


" D-do-Caption Dodger, a-ar-are we go-going to th-is-this p-party? "
Without a second thought 

" Yeah we are! Food, drinks & maybe even girls! " Dodger jump in the air

While IQ still on the screen he quickly turn off his computer screen to cut off the connection while giving a disgusting look on his face.

Meanwhile On The Planet Of Mars

" My Queen! " X2 yell out, still half heart broken from his never to be wedding

" What is it X2? " Queen Of Mars ask, still mad at Dodger-Not even thinking of marrying her

" A invite just come to me out of no where..." X2

seem untrue to her but then a card pop of no where to her face as where.

" How strange...."She said as she open the card & began to read

" Do you think it a trap from the people of Earth? " X2 ask

" No, cause this isn't from any planet I ever heard off...it call Planet BX2-64....A party, dancing, music loving festive type of planet the card read anyway I mean...." She keeps on reading it

" Are we going to it? " He ask

The Queen Of Mars don't know whatever to go or not but then a second thought come to her mind: Dodger will be their.

" Yes, we are going-Call few guards & robots to come along....." She said as she smile with her invisible mouth showing

"Yes, my Queen " X2 Bow down and went out the room

While In A Certain Blue Ship
" Ok! I think I have the right place! " Dodger said to himself not noticing the Cadet was right next to him.
" C-Caption! What if the Martians are their? " Cadet said
" So? Who cares? " Not remembering of course what happen about a certain wedding, eating cake & broking of course yet again a certain Martian girl heart


" re-rem-b-rember you broken t-th-the Qu-Queen of Mars heart & refuse to married her...? "

And at that movement Duck Dodger heart felt cold as ice at the thoughts of their last encounter with the Martians.


" Oh Right.....yeah.....I...I remember...." Then remembering of course the food " Their had some great cake! "
" Dodgers! " Cadet yell
" Alright, don't get your panties in a line, " Then Dodgers close his eye then grinning big 
" If it makes you feel better, if we see anything messy or dangerous we will leave..."


Dodgers said as he look at the Cadet with a big grin as a kid would in a candy shop.
" P-pr-promise? " Cadet question his Caption trust, after all that has happen Cadet regain his trust of Dodgers as a friend.


" I promise, beside; Have I ever still you wrong? " Dodger ask, Cadet kept silent
" Cadet? " Dodger ask, as he park the ship-With no words more there was at the planet.


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