I've Got This Friend |C•H|

Riley Morgan and Calum Hood were have been always been best friends since the 1st grade. They always hung out with each other, with Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin of course. Now their in high school, it's their 3rd year. Riley has always had a crush on Calum but he never knew. Even Luke, Michael, and Ashton know. But when Calum starts to fall for a new girl at school, will it split them apart?


2. FIFA With The Guys

Riley's POV

I was at Calum's house waiting for him to put in the game, FIFA. "Calummmm hurryyyy upppppp" I said. "Waittt it's not easy putting in this game!" Calum responded. "It's soo easy!" I said. "Fine then you try!" Calum said giving up. He sat on the couch and I got up. I plugged in the XBox, put in the game, and set the TV and the game appeared on the TV. I looked at Calum and grinned at him. "Well... It doesn't like me." Calum pouted. I wanted to say that I like him, in love actually but I couldn't. "It's okay Calum. C'mon lets get the snacks and wait for the guys." I said while walking to the kitchen. I got a bowl from the cabinet. "Get a separate one for Michael you know he sprinkles the left overs from his fingers to the top of the bowl." Calum said. I got an extra one and got a huge bag of chips and opens them and poured the chips into both bowls. Calum got out the soda cans and set them on the coffee table and I did the same for the chips.

The door bell rang. Calum opened the door and said "hey mates". "Hi!" I yelled to the door. "Hi Riley!" Mikey,Ash,and Luke yell in unison. We started to play FIFA. I teamed up with Calum and Luke and Mikey teamed up, and Ash doesn't really like FIFA.

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