This poem is pretty dark, so warning. I wrote this quite a while back, it expresses what it is to have the feeling of depression, though I have another poem I prefer which I will put up individual also.


1. Self-Inflicted

Burning, stinging, itching, all manor of sensations crept through my skin like a dagger. 
Agony, pain and weakness pulled me further down the pit of Depression. 
Blood dripped slowly from the multiple small cuts scratched across my wrist. 
This is a familiar sensation to me, but not to my own fault. 
Depression controls the body and mind, I'm no longer in control. 
Like an Animal has been unleashed, and it won't go back into hiding. 
It enjoys torturing me, killing me, putting me through pain. It gets a kick out of the blood it sheds from my skin. 
It's almost like a virus, it acts like an infection, it's a death sentence.

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