From the Bump

I wrote this poem for my Mum for Mother's Day, I wrote it as if her baby (who is due next month) was writing to her. It is one of my favourite poems I have written due to sentimentality. Enjoy!


1. From the Bump

Though I am not in your eyes to see, 
In three months that will finally be. 

I have three older sisters and a older brother, 
And we all share you, our Mother. 

No matter what I am your child, 
And hopefully the though of that made you of smiled. 

In advance I would like to say, 
Sorry for the teenage days. 

I might be stupid and disobey, 
But I know that you'll never walk away. 

You are my Mother and forever so, 
And you'll be there to watch me grow. 

At the moment I'm barely a pound, 
And still I'm yet to make a sound. 

You'll be the one to teach me to talk, 
And someday the quiet will be so sought. 

Some day though I will leave the nest, 
But please know that you'll have made me fell blessed. 

And I'd like to say to you my Mother, 
That I would never wish for anyone other.


~ Hornby

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