Character Study: Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

It is what it says it is. I've tried to make this as reader friendly as possible, so give it a read if you feel like having your mind blown.



So, in conclusion, Vaas Montenegro is the most interesting character I've ever come across. The way he uses his voice, his body, his appearance and his character all points in the direction of a very well-created façade of a fearsome, demonic leader. By no means am I saying that Vaas is innocent, but there is something of an underlying innocence about him. To end, I'd just like to point out the cover picture. I posted it in a mumble recently, before I started writing this - it's clearly a reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet. And within such a play, Hamlet is considered insane due to his father's death - but Hamlet himself is not insane. Rather, he built that image of himself to hide the plot to kill his uncle, so he could avenge his father's murder. Vaas employs a similar technique to hold his position and standing on Rook Islands. Much like Hamlet, Vaas, at some point, bought into his own con and became insane and psychotic.


So yeah. That's it.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

And as a disclaimer - I don't know if any of this was intended by Ubisoft or Michael Mando (the voice-actor), this is all just my own personal speculation of a very intriguing character. And if you want to check out FarCry 3, I'll leave a link somewhere so you can watch a cutscene video or a full playthrough.

It got 9/10 and even 10/10 in some reviews, so you definitely will not be disappointed.

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