The Foster Carer’s Daughter

A diary about my life as the daughter of two respected and busy Foster Carers. Real life stories about children I meet and lives that I help shape. Laugh, cry and hopefully enjoy.


3. The Big Surprise

Saturday 10th October 2009 (Aged nine and 11 months.)

Today Mum and Dad said they had a surprise for us. Oz got really excited. He said we were getting a dog but I told him we weren’t. When Mum called us downstairs all three of us went running into the front room. There was a woman sat on the sofa drinking a cup of tea.

Dad introduced the woman. He said her name was Grace and she was our Social Worker. Grace explained that Mum and Dad had signed up to become Foster Carers. I didn’t know what a Foster Carer was but Grace told us. Mum said we were going to have children come and live with us, children that we hadn’t met before. They were going to live in my house and share my Mum and Dad. I wasn’t happy. I don’t want anyone else living with us. I thought I was going to cry because I didn’t want anyone else to come.

Grace kept on asking us questions and Oz and Ellie didn’t really talk so I had to do all the talking. I said I didn’t want anyone to come and Mum frowned at me. Grace said it was alright and that she would come and talk to us again. Mum and Dad sent us back up stairs and we watched TV in Mum and Dad’s bed!

I asked Oz and Ellie what they thought about it but they said they didn't really mind. I felt really guilty, I am the oldest. If Oz and Ellie don't mind why was I being so stupid and why did it bother me so much? I couldn't work it out. I tried to get my head around it but I struggled.

I'm not sure what scared me the most, the fact strange children would be living in my house or the fact that I would have to share my parents with them as well.

I just hoped Mum and Dad would say they didn't want to do it anymore and then everything could go back to the way it once was.

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