No Ocean Like Yours

For the poetry, songwriting etc competition. Written quickly but happily.


1. No Ocean Like Yours

Blonde hair

Ruffled in the wind of a stormy ocean day 

With eyes as a blue as the sea

They swim in.  


An impish grin

So light and happy that the world would

Truly believe you to be a pixie

If they had the chance.  


Shoes slapping against the

Tarmac ground

Painted with yellow and blue lines

To keep order where there is none.  


A laugh

So loud and so real

I could swear you're sitting

Right next to me.  



In the eye of the beholder

Or in the eye

Of a needle.  


Did your eyes inspire

The waves of the ocean

Or do we just say

They are alike.  


For you are as wild

And as free

As each droplet of the expanse

Of blue.  


But you are as calm

And as soothing

As the river

It used to be.

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