The Devils Apprentice

Minato finds out he has Demonic Blood, and because of that, he enters a whole new world.


2. Stuck in His Mind

'Hey Minato.' Kenzo was waiting for Minato at the school gate. Minato looked as happy as usual, while Kenzo was still worried about Rin. He couldn't seem to forget her. Her beautiful smile was printed in his mind. 'Why are you looking so sad? You are thinking about that girl? Aren't you?!' Kenzo was blushing. 'W-What?! Noooo..! What are you talking about man..?' Minato started to laugh. 'You are a terrible lier!' Minato knew that Kenzo changed after that kiss. 'Hey. Lets go inside. Class is starting.'

'Welcome class.' Miss Akiyama handed out some papers. I want you to make this assignment in pairs of two. You can make the pairs yourself. I want you to have the assignment done by Friday.' Who is going to be my partner? Minato is not in this class and he is the only friend i have in this school... 'Kenzo, i'll be your partner.' A guy with blonde combed-to-the-side hair stood in front of Kenzo. Kenzo was kind if surprised with his offer. 'Ehm... Okay. But who are you?' Kenzo never saw this guy in class. Kenzo got a weird vibe looking at him. 'I am Ryou. I'll grab my stuff and then we can work on the assignment.' When Kenzo and Ryou worked on their assignment he noticed that Ryou was superior in intelligence. Ryou was way smarter than Kenzo. Kenzo was feeling kind of useless. But Ryou was a nice guy and Kenzo hoped that they could become good friends. 'Triiiing.' The bell. Went. 'Children. Class is over. I hope you all do well on your assignment. Time for a break.'

'What's up Kenzo' Minato was already sitting in their usual hang-out spot. Kenzo took a seat next to him and started on his bread. 'I'm fine. I need to do an assignment for school only. I am doing it with a guy called Ryou.' Minato almost chocked in his lunch when he heard that name. 'RYOU?! He is one if the most popular people in this whole school!' Kenzo got a bit confused. Why would one of the most popular people in school want to do an assignment with Kenzo? Kenzo isn't one of the smartest people in class. But how could that Ryou guy get so popular in his first two days in school? 'Minato? How did he get so popular in his first two days of high school?' Minato looked at Kenzo like: 'Are you stupid or something?!' 'That is because he fought with some bully yesterday after school. He beat the bully in like 20 seconds!' Poorly enough I haven't seen it myself so I don't know if it is actually true. But rumors spread really fast and now he is like the school badass.' Kenzo was really surprised by this. Ryou didn't look like the aggressive type. And he seemed like a nice guy to Kenzo. 'Kenzo.' Ryou stood in front of him. 'We need to talk after school. I'll see you after class at the schoolgate.' Kenzo got a bit nervous because of this. Why does he need to speak to me after school? What does he want from me? Is he going to beat me up too? 'Kenzo don't worry.' Kenzo looked over to Minato. 'He is working on that project with you. I'm sure of it that he won't kill you!' Minato grinned. 'That is not comforting me at all! He can't molest my pretty face..!' Minato chuckled.

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