Hold My Hand

It's my birthday, and I'm excited! But it's the day I get kidnapped...and the day I find love...


1. Finally Here

I raced down the stairs as I heard the doorbell ring.

"Coming!" I yelled, slipping my feet into my shoes, almost tripping over in the process. I smoothed my hair and walked over to the door.

I grinned as I saw his face. I've missed it so much! I held back a year and jumped into his arms, burying my head in his shoulder. He smiled, and held me in his strong arms, planting a small kiss on my head.

"Hello Princess," he whispered, holding me tightly against his chest.

"Daddy," I breathed, tears now spilling over my eyelids. Ok, I know I'm 22 but that doesn't mean I can't call my dad 'Daddy' still.

My dad's name is Owen Richards. Ever since I was 16, he's been working in a war in Afghanistan. That means I haven't seen him in 6 years. How would you feel?

All that time, I never knew if he was alive, dead, or seriously injured. It was terrifying waiting for news to come, and it only came about once a year. After he left, I always raced home after school, and sat by the phone, waiting for some news.

He barely looked like his old self, worn and exhausted from the war. But I knew it was him, purely by the relief I felt when I saw him at my door. I felt 16 again. A little girl wrapped in the safety of her father.

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