Steam Dreams

A new steam railway has been built from Weymouth to London Waterloo and Aidan couldn't wait to get a job there. When he does, his life changes forever


4. The Plan

Whilst I was thinking I made a plan. "Okay, when I get to Waterloo her service will return to London Waterloo and I'll probably be able to talk to her then. Hopefully she's nice and will talk besides working for the rival company." I then departed Bournemouth and headed for London Waterloo.

Whilst driving to London Waterloo, I kept thinking about how everything was going to work and hoping for the best. I then kept shovelling coal and thinking about the girl in the train. "This could go so well...but I can't do this...I'd lose my job" I sighed "Why does the girl of my dreams have to work for the rival company." I mumbled to myself. 

I sounded the whistle before passing through a station and thought to myself; "I have to focus on my job, not some random girl I met about..." I looked at my watch "45 minutes ago." I kept shovelling coal, responding to the different speed limits on the route and making sure that the passengers have an enjoyable experience on the line, After all this is meant to get the line more popular and a late service may be a common occurrence on railways but I was sure not to be late and just another cliché train service.

Being completely honest, I really enjoyed being a train driver on this route. I've always wanted to be a train driver. I couldn't just mess up my job role like this. I soon saw another train spotter at the line side with a video camera so I made sure to give him a great video by sounding the whistle as I passed him. "The better the video, the more views and more popularity for the route. Hopefully this will write my name in permanent ink in Mr Piston's good books. 

A couple minutes later I saw the common sight of a London Route master bus, I knew I was getting close. "Welcome to London" I said to myself. London Waterloo here we come! 

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