Steam Dreams

A new steam railway has been built from Weymouth to London Waterloo and Aidan couldn't wait to get a job there. When he does, his life changes forever


1. The Opening

On the 27th November 2015, a new railway was built specifically for preserved or newly built steam trains. The line started at Weymouth, continues through Poole and finally ends at London Waterloo.

When I heard about getting a job there, I couldn't resist. I quickly ran to Poole station looking for a job and heard some good news and some bad news. I walked up to someone in a suit in the station and asked; "Excuse me sir, can you tell me who the manager is here?

"I am. Why do you ask?" He replied

I began to explain that I was looking for a job on this railway and he immediately replied;

"Well congratulations. We have a space available but you'll have to work at minimum wage at the moment, to be completely honest, no one is really interested about this railway yet but I'm sure with a small amount of effort, we'll get it running properly."

I wasn't quite sure what to feel at that moment

"Well thank you for the job but I must ask; why aren't people interested in this? Surely someone must think that going to London or the seaside on a steam train must be amazing, right?

"Unfortunately, no. It appears that most people think that steam trains are outdated and boring to the diesel and electric trains of today." He answered

"Well I'm sure I'm about to change that. Anyway what company will I be working for?" I asked

"You will be working for: South West Steam, or SWS for short. We may be a small company now but in a few weeks time, with you working for us, I'm sure we'll become popular soon."

"Well thank you sir but may I ask your name?" I replied

"Mr Steam Piston. Quite an ironic name for my job role but you can call me Steam or Mr Steam etcetera."

"Ok, I'll get to work tomorrow then, Steam" I replied before walking out of the station and walking back home.

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