Steam Dreams

A new steam railway has been built from Weymouth to London Waterloo and Aidan couldn't wait to get a job there. When he does, his life changes forever


3. The Encounter

Once I arrived at Weymouth, I coupled the tender to the carriages waiting at the platform and opened the doors. When I got back to my train I looked over to see the other train from earlier which drove by and looked through the drivers window. I saw who was driving it and I couldn't look away. She had black hair and stunning brown eyes that were truly magical. I quickly came to my senses

"Wait, what am I doing!? We're rivals. I can't just go making goo goo eyes at one of my enemies!" I sighed and waited for the whistle telling me to depart. Sure enough, in a few seconds a whistle was sounded And I started departing Weymouth station. I made sure I was responding to the all the advanced warning systems when a yellow or red signal appeared.

"Okay first stop Hamworthy Junction." I said whilst slowing the train a bit in preparation of stopping. After half a mile I slowed the train to a stop in Hamworthy station so passengers can get on and off. I also saw quite a few train spotters watching in awe as the train sat there waiting to depart. I once again heard another whistle and departed for Poole. I always would've loved to see a steam train pass Hole's Bay as a kid, Today it was happening and I was the driver. When I stopped the train at Poole I saw Mr Piston watching from the platform

"You're on time. Good work, keep it up." he said looking proud

"Thank you sir" I replied before sounding the whistle and departing for Bournemouth. I thought to myself whilst shovelling coal into the firebox

"Why does she have to work for the other company? I just don't know just what it is about her but I..think I love her." I kept thinking whilst driving to Bournemouth "But Steam would never allow it. It could put us into bankruptcy and bye bye steam railway" I sighed and kept pondering about how I could make it work until I stopped the train in Bournemouth and sent water into the boiler.

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