Wild Book Reviews!

Again, a terrible title :P


1. Wild Book Reviews!

Hi there!

(Ugh that sounds a bit eager, let me start again)


(...Bit creepy)


(Now I sound like I'm trying to chat you up)

I'm QueenWild.

(Yeah. You know)

Want an honest, fair review of your Movella(s), quickly?

(Now I sound like an advert)


Ahh I give up.


How to get a review:

1) Comment me, asking for a review. (duh) Send me a link to the Movella (you can do this by copying the URL of your Movella then pasting it in your comment)

2) If you want me to do more than one, send me a link to all of them (three at a time please). If you don't know which ones you want me to do, I'll look at the first three on your profile (not including cover stores etc.)

3) I'll put you on the waiting list and review your Movellas(s) ASAP.


I'll give you scores out of 5 and comments on:

* Cover



*Use of language etc.


*Blurb [Bonus - don't worry if you don't have one]

And any other comments I might have.


Please note: I will only review some fanfiction because my lack of knowledge about your fandom would probably affect your scores in an unfair way. So, if you want me to review a fanfic, ask me anyway, and I'll tell you if I know enough about the fandom :)




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