Where is My Rider? ©2006

I wrote this a long time ago after my husband cheated on me and asked for a divorce. This is a poem about loneliness. I hope you liked it, and if so, please hit that heart button and any comments if you'd like to.

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Cordially, J.L. Jacobs

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1. Where is My Rider? © 2006 A Poem By: J.L. Jacobs

Here I am, it's mid-day,

where did my rider go?

I just started leading the pack,

and now I just don't know.

Why does it always happen to me

just as I am getting ahead?

I lose the thing that guides me on,

and now I am alone instead.

My rider said we were as one,

but now he's on another horse.

What in the world did I do,

to change my rider's course?

Life doesn't seem to favor me,

who's left to hold MY reins?

I try and try to get ahead,

but now I'm left here feeling the pain.

Am I meant to be alone?

I cannot believe that's true.

I need someone to confide in,

to keep me from feeling so blue.

I'm looking out over the land,

in search of a new friend.

Because I chose not to believe it's in my plan,

to be all alone in the end.

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