You're So Outta My Life! (Song Lyrics) By: J.L. Jacobs ©2014

Sometimes people are just fed up with worthless people, and that's what this song is ultimately about. I wrote it in the style of something you would hear Eminem, the rapper, do. This is a rap song with explicit lyrics.

Due to the graphic nature and mature content of this song, readers should be 18 and older please. If you like these song lyrics, then please hit that little heart icon so it let's me know you dig it.

Cordially, J.L. Jacobs





1. You're So Outta My Life (Song Lyrics) By: J.L. Jacobs ©2014


You're a mystery,

so a part of me.

I can't seem

to see clearly.

So fuck your chivalry!

You have shit one me,

so consistently,

and I'm in misery.

But your wizardry,

and your bigotry,

I see right through

all that fakery.


Verse 1:

Go to hell you lying piece of shit!

You've burned all your bridges,

and now it's time to quit.

How many of your whores

have birthed your babies?

They get no help from your ass

because you're too fucking lazy.


(Insert Chorus Here)


Verse 2:

Money is your motivator,

You hustle all you get.

But all you manage to do

is rack up your debts.

When will you ever grow the fuck up?

And become a decent man,

who's not such a scrub?


(Insert Chorus Here)


Verse 3:

One of these days

you will finally see,

with your eyes wide open

even though you may disagree.

But Karma is the bitch

who will serve you your due,

and in the end,

it's your ass who's screwed!


(Insert Chorus Here)


Verse 4:

So fuck you,

and fuck all of your lies!

Today is the day,

where I have realized.

You're not worth a shit,

You're not even worth a damn,

and I am so outta here you fucking hypocrite!


(Insert Chorus Here)


Verse 5:

There will be no more "I'm sorry's"

Your ass is out the door!

'Cause I am not putting up with your shit

any fucking more!

You've done all the damage,

Your bed's been made.

So fuck you asshole,

cause I'm done being played!



(Insert Chorus Here x2... then fade out on last line)

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