Cat Zombie ©2015

I honestly don't know how I came up with this poem, it just happened one night while I was writing other things, and the poem just flowed out of me. Usually when I write a poem, it comes from something I have experienced. However, with this poem, I can honestly say I have never encountered a cat zombie.

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Cordially, J.L. Jacobs





1. Cat Zombie ©2015

Hiss! Said that pussy,

I'm gonna eat your brains.

When I'm all done with you,

only your skeleton will remain.

We locked eyes that cat and I,

the war had been waged.

I was fighting for my life,

could he feel my outrage?

This isn't just some nightmare,

this is a cautionary tale.

Don't fuck with a zombie cat,

because he'll only prevail!

I didn't know where to start,

this cat was purring hard.

He had his sights on me,

but I was on my guard.

Then out of the bushes,

more pussies had appeared.

They set their sights on me,

I had never been so scared!

Now there was an army of these zombies,

these furry little cats.

They looked so damned adorable,

but then those pussies attacked!

Their determination could be admired,

but I didn't share that thought.

Those pussies began to kill me,

and my life was all I sought.

I grabbed one by the tail,

and whipped it far away.

It landed on the grass,

but that damned pussy was okay.

The others were still on me,

the leader was on my face.

He clawed out my eyeball,

and left an empty space.

I still had one eye to see through,

but it was all covered up in blood.

Those zombies continued to kill me,

even though I did all that I could.

The story ends here,

and my life is now over.

The cat zombies had won,

now it's time for me to crossover.

Now I was dead and gone,

my brain was all they ate.

Don't mess with a cat zombie,

or you'll just seal your own fate.

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