Queen of New Orleans.

Everyone knows "the original" vampire family, especially Nicklaus, the original hybrid. But what if he was not the only hybrid .. What if there was a girl named Emma. A witch, vampire and werewolf hybrid, but nobody knows anything about.
Only Marcel, which found her wandering around and not know anything about herself or her name. Then he took her back to New Orleans to stay with him, he takes care of her as if she were his own child.
But one day, Marcel needed her help ... And all who know her, know what will come after them. For when she comes ...... so you just have to show respect for her. otherwise you are just as more dead than you already are.



1. Main Cast..



Madison Beer as Emma Gerad 

Joseph Morgan as Niklaus Mikaelson

Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson

Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley Marshall

Charles Michael Davis as Marcellus Gerad

Danielle Campbell as Davina Claire

Leah Pipes as Camille O'Connell

Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson

Daniella Pineda as Sophie Deveraux

Yusuf Gatewood as Vincent Grifith/Finn Mikaelson

Sebastian Roché as Mikael

Eka Darville as Diego

Callard Harris as Thierry Vancture

Daniel Sharman as Kaleb Westphall

Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol Mikaelson

Nikki Reed as Emily Uley

Kellan Lutz as Ethan Uley

Alex Meraz as Jayden Wilson

Colton Haynes as Noah Boyd

Andrew Garfield as David Fox

 Evan Peters as Paul Miller

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as William Jones

Thomas Sangster as James Monroe

Dylan O'Brien as Andrew Jackson

Alex O'Loughlin as Steve Smith

Dean Geyer as Alexander Lee

Tyler Posey as Daniel Morrison

Dylan Sprayberry as Aiden Quinn

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