Queen of New Orleans.

Everyone knows "the original" vampire family, especially Nicklaus, the original hybrid. But what if he was not the only hybrid .. What if there was a girl named Emma. A witch, vampire and werewolf hybrid, but nobody knows anything about.
Only Marcel, which found her wandering around and not know anything about herself or her name. Then he took her back to New Orleans to stay with him, he takes care of her as if she were his own child.
But one day, Marcel needed her help ... And all who know her, know what will come after them. For when she comes ...... so you just have to show respect for her. otherwise you are just as more dead than you already are.



3. Chapter 1.



(How Emma look like)


* Emma's point of view *

I sat in my music room, at my piano and looked at the notes in front of me. I slowly began to play the song. While I played, I remembered back to the time, Marcel found me.


* Memories *


Where am I, who am I, why am I here .... I'm so confused ... Someone help me ..

I slowly began to walk down the street, but I went into someone "sorry" I said and went around the person, but were stopped by them. "Where should a little girl like you, at this time of night. YOU should not walk around without anyone to help you, but we can certainly help you. What do you say we help you, but then you just help us with our little problem. " said he and his friends laughed.

 "No thank you, I'll be fine." I replied and went around them, but his friends grabbed his arms at me and held me in place, so I could not run some places. He laughed and said. "It was not a question. You must, no matter what." They began to pull me into an alley, he touched me and kissed me down the throat. I screamed and kicked, but they were too strong. I closed my eyes and hoped that there were some who would rescue me.

But suddenly, they were gone from me, I opened my eyes and saw a man standing over my attackers.


He turned and looked at me, he quickly came over to me and hugged me "Are you all right. Do not worry, they will not, do anything more. Come with me .." he said and carried me.

on a second, we were at a big house. He went in and sat on the couch, he took the blanket beside me and bundled me into it.

"Why did you go round the outside, middle of the night." he asked and I answered. "I do not know, I can not remember anything. The only thing I can remember is that I woke up in a cemetery." He looked a little long at me and said. "Heee, okay, my name is Marcellus Gerard and this is my house. You can stay here as long as you want, but we will have to find a name for you. Mmmmmhhhhhmm ... What about Emma? Emma Gerard how it sounds to you. " without noticing it, I started to cry, I nodded while I laughed. "It sounds good, but it's your last name, I can not just take it." I said, but Marcel wiped my tears away and answered. "It's okay, I've always wanted a daughter .... if .... you want to be my daughter." I nodded and gave him a hug, he hugged me back.

And not many days after, had Marcel bought clothes and made a room for me. I could not be more happy, I had a new father.


* Memories ends *


"You still have it in you" I turned startled and looked over at Marcel. He smiled at me, came slowly over and sat next to me at the piano. I smiled back and asked. "Yes, I still can. But what I have pleasure, that you are here today. You tend not to be here at this time of day." He laughed nervously. but replied. "Can I not visit my favorite daughter, or I'm not wanted here anymore." I looked again at the notes, but answered. "Yes of course, you are wanted here. But .. What is it you want me to do?"


He looked seriously at me and said. "I need your help, my queen." "With what?" I asked seriously. "The original family is back. !! And I need you to make sure that they do not come to power here in New Orleans, because we both know who is in power." he replied, and I laughed, but said. "Of course I know it, Marcel. Everyone knows that you are the king here in new orleans .." "yes, but everyone respects you more than me, so that's why I need your help ..... all my vampires know for THE QUEEN OF NEW ORLEANS. But you will you help me, Emma. " Asked Marcel. I stood up and went to the door. I turned around in the door and answered. "I will help you, Marcel. It's a deal."

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