The Miracle on Lonely Street© 2013

This poem is about someone who feels alone and bereft, and then bumps into someone who ultimately becomes their soulmate.

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Cordially, J.L. Jacobs


1. The Miracle on Lonely Street© 2013

I walk along this lonely street,

does it even have a name?

I look all around me,

but only the shadows remain.

Seeing life through a tainted heart

sure makes everything so gray.

So alone in life, where to start?

I'm still searching for a way.

But life goes on no matter what,

that's one fact I cannot quell.

Memories never forgotten,

in my heart they shall dwell.

So I walk along this lonely street,

still searching for a way.

Wishing to have just one person,

to tell me it will be okay.

While walking down the lonely street,

my head is looking down.

I bump into a smiling face,

which has me quite spellbound.

He opens his arms to pull me in,

and hugs me ever so tight.

This man is a stranger to me,

and yet it feels so right.

He runs his fingers through my hair,

and gently kissed my head.

I read about fairy tales in lots of books,

but now it's my reality instead.

We walk along this lonely street,

the sun begins to shine.

I find my eyes looking at his,

and he is looking into mine.

Even with such a tainted heart,

I find the will to believe.

This road will lead to my happy ending,

which will definitely be well received.

Many years later we tell our kids,

about the miracle on Lonely Street.

This is the story of how soulmates met,

and now my loneliness is obsolete.

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