Flying With The Birds

This is just a quick little story I wrote one night. Just a thought that I had. How wonderful it would be to fly with the birds. Hope you guys like. And if you want I can make it into a longer story. Let me know ☺


1. Flying With The Birds

To: Ryan

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for being a good friend to me and I'll love you forever and I'll miss you deeply. Goodbye, and farewell.


She hit sent and took another swig from the bottle. Tears rushing down her face. Her phone buzzed and she read the text.


From: Ryan

Alex, don't you dare, don't you dare do this. Where are you I'll come get you. I love you.


To: Ryan

I love you to. I'm with the birds now. I can do it Ryan, I'm gonna fly.


She set her phone down and looked out at the city. She loved coming to the roof. She dreamed about flying away from this place.


Ryan was doing about 60 in a 40 lane but he didn't care. He pulled up to Alex's apartment and ran up to the roof as fast as he could. When he got to the top he opened the door and stared at her. Her right arm soaked with red. The blood was dripping from her fingers in droplets. At the foot of her feet a tiny puddle began to form. She was standing right on the edge of the building. Her heels just hanging off the edge. She looked up from the forming puddle and at Ryan.


"Oops," she said in a way a child would say it to their parents.


Ryan raced towards her "NO ALEX DONT!!"


"Goodbye Ryan." She said with a smile. Closing her eyes and opening her arms she fell backwards.


Ryan reached for her but it was to late. He heard the loud thud, the breaking of glass, and the car alarm. He looked down. He could see the smile on her face. He knew she was happy now. She got to fly with the birds.

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