The interview that started it all

Join Lily the intern at a radio station. She's seen Celebs walk in and out but she's forbidden to talk with them. What happens when she meets the World's Biggest Boyband in the World. Yes I do mean One Direction. Who knows what will happen??


1. Meet Lily

Hi I'm Lily, I have Blonde hair and Blue eyes. I'm 19 years old and I live in London, I also live in a small apartment. I live alone and I work at a Radio station. I pretty much just do coffee runs. I'm not allowed to talk to any celebs and if I do i am fired. I need the money so i listen to that no good of a skank. I Love reading, Music, Drawing cartoon pictures and Gymnastics. I go too school and study the arts. Yes I am a true blue Directioner But i also love other musicians as well. I think thats all from me but you will learn more when the story goes on.

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