Water is Everywhere


1. Water is Everywhere

A raindrop hitting the window.

A tear falling from an eye.

The steady drip of a leaking tap.

The slow mournful beat of the rain at a funeral.

The dripping of the melting ice.

The running of a stream.

The crashing of the waves, in each and every sea.


Water. Everywhere surrounding us everyday.

The pitter patter of water hitting the rooftops of cars.

The drops falling off leaves

The downfall of snow, the rain that got caught up in a freezer.

The beads of rain that make your hair go soggy.

The reason nobody showed up to your picnic party.

The cliché back drop to a break up scene.

The reason Singin' in the rain became something you could relate to.

The puddles that make your socks get wet

or the splash of the puddle as a trucks go past.

The reason Spain's plains became so popular.

The rain that falls the waves that crash.

The water that surrounds us.

Water. Everywhere.

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