Humphrey The Wonderdog (Music)

Produced for the #WhatmakesYouHappy YHM competition 2015.
Recorded through a Shure mike and an M-Audio Interface.
All instruments other than the drum kit are a classical (acoustic) guitar in various stages of effects processing.
Download the single free in high quality from bandcamp here:
Watch the Music Video here:


1. Music and Happiness





In this piece I tried to create an original mood in this piece that is not happy, but can (hopefully) make one become so. In the music i didn't focus on 'things'; lots of things make me happy but in terms of music i rarely feel pleasure relating to something that sticks perfectly to the major tonality and the 'happy' clichés that we hear in practically every insurance advert and Disney film that you see anywhere and everywhere, and so i focused on the melody, texture and structure of the piece.

I used a classical (acoustic) guitar for all instruments other than the drum kit sounds that i performed in on drum pads attached to my controller.

I enhanced the bass frequencies for the bass sounds, before putting much of the acoustic guitar through an amplifier simulator

If you feel you have comments on the sound, mood or feeling of this piece please comment below because this is track is a new feeling and attitude for me.


Keep going-

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