Living With 5 Seconds Of Summer | Huke Stemmings [Completed] ✔️

Luke Hemmings has a secret crush on his bandmate Harry Styles and he doesn't know that he feels the same about him. The only one who knows is Michael.

Harry Styles has been in 5SOS since 2011 and he never knew that Luke has a crush on him. That wasn't until when he and the boys came back from the concert that Luke attmitted his feelings for him and they kissed for the first time.

A few months later, Harry found out that Luke has cheated on him with Camila and he broke down in tears crying that he didn't notice Ashton walk in the room. He also found out that he is pregnant with his child.

Will Harry be able to trust Luke after he apologises to him after or not? Read and find out


27. Chapter 25: The next day

Harry's POV 

I moaned in my sleep when I heard our baby girl Ariana crying from the nursery. I rubbed my eyes tiredly as I sat up and got up from the bed when Lukey pulled me back down. "Haz, I got her" he said to me as he kissed me softly. I smirked a little into the kiss as I bit down on his bottom lip teasingly and he moaned as he pulled away from the kiss. "Such a tease" he said and I giggled a little and fell back asleep when Lukey walked out of the room. 


*Later that day*

"Princess, wake up" I heard Lukey say. I rubbed my eyes tiredly and looked up at him. " What time is it?" I ask him tiredly. "It's noon kitten" he tells me. "Why didn't you wake me up?" I ask him pouting. "You were sleeping. I know you've been tired since you gave birth to Ari" he says as he strokes my hair. 

"I think we should wait until a year or two for us to have another baby" I say. He nods. "Of course love" he says as he presses a small kiss on my lips making me giggle. "I love you Lukeypoo" I say giggling. "I love you more princess" he says making me blush. 

"Lucas, stop flirting" I pout. "Well, I am enaged to the flirty one in the band" he says and I hold up my arms pouting, wanting him to carry me.

Lukey smirks a little and he lifts me up bridal style as he carries me downstairs. "Lucas, I know that look. You're smirking" I say as i poke his cheek. "Maybe I am" he says and I nuzzle my face in his neck. 

Lukey sets me down in the kitchen and he leans down to my neck and I bite my lip trying not to moan too loud and he smirks in my neck. 

I moan a little when I felt him suck on my neck and he smirks and I moan deep as he slides his hand under my shirt. "Lucas" I moan. Lukey smirks as he takes off my shirt then his shirt and presses me up against the counter and moan deep as I felt him grind up against him. 

Lukey smirks as he pulls down my pants and I moan as I run my hands down his waist to when his pants are and pulls down his pants and I lean up and kiss him softly and he smirks as he bites down on my bottom lip making me moan deep.

He smirks as he slowly enters into me and I moan deep and tilt my head back and he smirks as he thrusts in me hard and I moan loud.


Luke's POV 

I smirked as I heard Harry moan. I lean down to his neck and suck on it as he moans. I lift him up in my arms and wrap his legs around my waist as I thrust in him harder. 

"Lucas harder" Harry moaned and I smirked as I thrusted harder and he moaned louder making me smirk.


*2 hours later*


Normal POV

Luke pulled out of Harry and he kissed him softly. "I love you Haz. I can't wait to call you my husband when we get married" he says and Harry giggles. "I love you too dork" he giggles and kisses him again.


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