Living With 5 Seconds Of Summer | Huke Stemmings [Completed] ✔️

Luke Hemmings has a secret crush on his bandmate Harry Styles and he doesn't know that he feels the same about him. The only one who knows is Michael.

Harry Styles has been in 5SOS since 2011 and he never knew that Luke has a crush on him. That wasn't until when he and the boys came back from the concert that Luke attmitted his feelings for him and they kissed for the first time.

A few months later, Harry found out that Luke has cheated on him with Camila and he broke down in tears crying that he didn't notice Ashton walk in the room. He also found out that he is pregnant with his child.

Will Harry be able to trust Luke after he apologises to him after or not? Read and find out


25. Chapter 23: 5 months later and the birth of Ariana Camila Styles-Hemmings

*At 3:35am, February 1st*

Harry moaned a little bit in pain as he got up from the bed. "Haz, what are you doing up love?" Luke asked as he looked over at him as he rubbed his eyes tiredly.

"I'm fine Lukeypoo" Harry said to him. "Haz, it's..." Luke grabbed his phone and checked the time. "3:35am. Everything okay?" He asked. "I'm fine Lukey. Really" he said and he bit his lip in pain as he felt the baby kick him hard. Luke got up and walked over to him and put his hand on his stomach. "I think she wants out love" Luke said as Harry grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly. "Do we have to go anywhere love?" Harry asked as he looked up at him. "We have to go to an interview love" Luke said and Harry squeezed his hand tighter. "I'll just tell them that you're going into labor and we'll go to the hospital love" he said and Harry nodded. Luke kissed his forehead softly and called one of the boys to tell them that Harry's in pain and they need to go to the hospital.

"Lukey what is it? It's 3am" Ashton asked as he rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Haz is going into labor and he won't be able to do the interview today Ashy" Luke said to him. "Kay. We'll just tell the fans Lukey" Ashton said and Luke nodded as he hung up and ended the call.

"Come on Hazzy. Let's go" Luke said as he lifted up Harry in his arms. "Lukey what about Riles?" Harry asked as he wrapped his arms around his neck. "We can leave her at either with my mum or your mum Hazzy" Luke said. "Does your mum know about us love?" Harry asked him. Luke nodded. "I did. Ever since we started dating" he told him. "My mum doesn't even know that I'm pregnant" Harry said and Luke pouted. "You never told her?" Luke asked and Harry shook his head no. "It's kinda hard to tell your mom that your son is pregnant, even before your daughter is" Harry said while biting his lip. "Haz, it'll be okay. She'll still love you. She always has" Luke said and kissed his hand softly.

After Harry and Luke dropped off Riley and Anne's house, they drove off to the hospital. Harry tilted his head back screaming loud in pain as he started to get contractions. "We're almost there love" Luke said as he held Harry's hand in his and gave his hand a small squeeze.

*At the hospital*

"Hello boys, how may I help you?" The nurse asked when she saw Harry and Luke. "My fiancé is going into labor" Luke said. The nurse nodded as she brought them over to the room and Luke layed Harry down on the bed as he screamed loud in pain as another contraction came and he squeezed Luke's hand tighter. "You're 10cm dilated, Mr. Styles. You can start pushing now" the nurse told Harry. Harry grabbed Luke's hand and squeezed it tightly as he pushed hard. Luke kissed his forehead as he rubbed circles on his hand as Harry pushed harder. "She's almost out love. You're doing such a good job princess" Luke said as he stroked his hair. "Just a few more pushes love" Harry tilted his head back screaming louder as he pushed harder.

*10 hours of painful labor later*

Luke heard a baby cry as he kissed Harry's hand and Harry giggled a little. "She's here love. Another little princess" he said as he held their newborn daughter in his arms. Harry sat up a little as he leaned his head on his shoulder as Luke sat next to him on the bed. "She's so beautiful" Harry says as he felt tears of happiness fill his eyes. "Just like you love" Luke said which caused Harry to blush. "Lukey stop flirting" he said pouting a little. "Make me" Luke said smirking. Harry giggled as he leaned up and pecked his lips. "What are we going to name her love?" Harry asked as he looked up at him. "I was thinking that we could name her Ariana" Luke said to him. "Ariana Styles-Hemmings" Harry said as he fell asleep on his shoulder. "My two little babies" Luke said as he kissed Ariana's forehead softly and pecked Harry's lips softly and pulled away a little. "Happy birthday love" he said as he kissed his forehead softly.


And Huke Stemmings have another daughter. Ariana Camila Styles-Hemmings.

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