Living With 5 Seconds Of Summer | Huke Stemmings [Completed] ✔️

Luke Hemmings has a secret crush on his bandmate Harry Styles and he doesn't know that he feels the same about him. The only one who knows is Michael.

Harry Styles has been in 5SOS since 2011 and he never knew that Luke has a crush on him. That wasn't until when he and the boys came back from the concert that Luke attmitted his feelings for him and they kissed for the first time.

A few months later, Harry found out that Luke has cheated on him with Camila and he broke down in tears crying that he didn't notice Ashton walk in the room. He also found out that he is pregnant with his child.

Will Harry be able to trust Luke after he apologises to him after or not? Read and find out


23. Chapter 21: At the hospital

"Harry's going to die and it's all my fault" Luke says as he cries in his hands. "He's my baby and I don't want to lose him" Ashton pouts as he strokes his hair. "He's strong Lukey. You know that" he says trying to comfort him. "It's my fault Ash. I yelled at him and I know that he doesn't like it when I yell at him. He told me that his ex-boyfriend used to yell at him all the time. And I just don't want him to be scared of me" Luke says sniffling a little. "He's my little baby kitten Hazzy and I love him too much to let him go" Ashton pouts as he leans his head on his shoulder. "He means everything to me. I don't want my baby to die. He's pregnant with our second child and I can't lose him" Luke says as his voice cracked a little. Ashton pouted as he held Luke's hand in his and rubs small circles on his hand.

"Harry Styles?" The nurse asked as she looked up from her clipboard. "Is he okay?" Michael asked. "He lost a lot of blood but he's okay" she says. "Can we see him?" Luke asked as he lifted his head up from Ashton's shoulder. "You can see him" Luke gets up and walks in the room where Harry is. He sat down on the chair next to the bed and he bit his lip as he held his hand in his. "Hazzy I'm sorry love. I didn't mean to yell at you kitten. Don't leave me Hazzy" Luke said as tears formed in his eyes. "Lukeypoo, where am I love?" Harry asked as he looked up at him. "At the hospital love. I thought that I lost you" Luke said and he pouted. Luke pouted as he looked down and he saw his cuts. "Haz, you still cut love?" He asked. "I don't deserve to be in 5SOS Lukey" Harry said as his voice cracked a little. "Hazzy you do love. We couldn't have asked for a better 5th member of the band than you kitten" Luke said as he stroked his cheek. "I love you Lukey" Harry said as he broke down in tears. "Aw Hazzy" Luke said as he lifted Harry up in his arms and set him down on his lap and stroked his hair as Harry cried in his chest. "Lukey I want to go home love" Harry said as he moved some of his hair out of his face. "I'm just too emotional right now love" he said sniffling a little. "I know Haz. I know kitten. You're just pregnant love" Luke said as he kissed his hair. "I want to go home. I just want to cuddle in your arms Lukeypoo. I'm tired" he said as he rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Get some sleep Hazzy" Luke said as he stroked his hair and Harry fell asleep on his chest.

*At the 5SOS house*

Harry moaned in his sleep as Luke layed him down on the bed. Luke pulled the bedcovers over his body and he kissed his forehead softly. "Get some sleep love. I love you kitten" he says as he strokes his hair. He walked out of the room and closed the door quietly so he can let Harry sleep.

"So Lukey when's the wedding?" Ashton asked. "Haz and I haven't discussed any wedding details yet Ashy" Luke said.

Harry woke up a few hours later and he walked downstairs wearing one of Luke's shirts.

"Sleeping beauty has finally awoken from his slumber" Ashton said and Harry giggled.

"Haz, are you hungry love?" Luke asks him and Harry nods.

"Daddy" Riley squeals as she runs up to Harry. He giggles and lifts her up in his arms and pecks her face with kisses and she squeals and giggles.

"I can see where she gets it from love" Luke says and Harry giggles. "She gets her giggling from Hazzy" Ashton says as he squeals when he feels Michael lift him up on his lap.

"Somebody's birthday is coming up" Luke says in Harry's ear. "First Callie's then mine Lukeypoo" Harry says and Luke giggles.

"I think that Camila has something special planned for Calum for his birthday" Luke said as he pressed his lips on Harry's neck and softly kisses his neck. Harry moaned a little as he tilted his head back.

"Oi Huke, carry that upstairs" Michael says as he throws a straw at them and Luke giggles as he carries Harry upstairs to their room.


Luke pressed Harry against the wall as he kissed him softly. Harry smirked in the kiss and wrapped his arms around his neck and he moaned deep as he felt Luke pull down his pants. Luke smirked as he slowly entered into him and he thrusted into him hard as Harry moaned loud.

"Harder Lucas. Harder love" Harry moaned deep as he arched his back. Luke smirked and he pinned him down on the bed and he thrusted harder in him. Harry moaned loud as he wrapped his legs around his waist and he dug his nails in Luke's back as he moaned feeling Luke thrusted deeper and harder. He tilted his head back moaning as he started to sweat a little. Luke smirked and he leaned down and sucked on Harry's neck still hearing him moan. Just like the first time. "Beg for me Harold" Luke said in his ear as his voice deepened and Harry moaned deep. "Lucas" he moaned. He smirked and he thrusted harder in him.


"Those two cannot keep quiet" Calum says. "Mainly Harry" Ashton says. "Obviously" Michael says.

*A free hours later*

Harry walks downstairs wearing one of Luke's shirts and the sleeve of his shirt goes down showing the love bites on his neck. "You two like to mark each other don't you?" Ashton asked and Harry nodded. "We're the only ones who are engaged Ashy" Harry says and Ashton looks down pouting. "Ashy, you okay? What's wrong?" Harry asked as he tied his hair up in a ponytail.

"I feel like Mikey might be cheating on me Hazzy" Ashton says pouting. "Ashy, you know that Mikey loves you. He knows how sensitive you are" Harry says as he strokes his hair. Ashton smiled softly at him. "Where would I be if I didn't know you and the boys Ashy?" Harry asked him. "You'd be in One Direction, that's for sure Hazzy" Ashton says and Harry giggled a little. "Then you would still be with Lukey" Ashton said giggling and Harry giggled. "I wouldn't want to leave Lukeypoo for anyone else. Not even Louis" he said. "I wouldn't want you to love" Luke said as he wrapped his arms around Harry's waist. Harry giggled. "Never Lukeypoo. I'm only yours love" he said as he looked up at him. Luke giggled and he pecked his lips and Harry giggled as he put his hand on his stomach.

Luke giggled as he put his hand on his. "Hopefully this one can wait 9 months" Luke said as he rubbed circles on Harry's stomach and Harry giggled. "Hopefully Lukeypoo" he said giggling as he felt the baby kick against his hand. "Lukeypoo, the baby kicked love" Harry said looking up at him. Luke walked in front of him and put his hand on his stomach. "Hi baby. It's papa. Daddy and I can't wait to meet you. Harry giggled when he felt the baby kick again. Luke giggled as he felt the baby kick against his hand. "I think that the baby likes your voice love" Luke says to Harry. "Why do you say that love?" Harry asked. "You're the one who's carrying her" Luke said. "How do yon know that it's a girl?" He asked. Luke shrugged. "I just know" he says. Harry giggles. "You're such a dork Lucas Hemmings" he says. "But I'm your dork Harold Styles" Luke says. "Just shut up and kiss me you dork" Harry says giggling. Luke giggles as he leaned in and kissed him softly. Harry giggled in the kiss as he wrapped his arms around his neck. Luke smirked a little into the kiss as he deepened the kiss and Harry moaned a little. He's mine and no one else's. Luke thought to himself as he deepened the kiss with Harry. I can't wait to marry him.

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