Living With 5 Seconds Of Summer | Huke Stemmings [Completed] ✔️

Luke Hemmings has a secret crush on his bandmate Harry Styles and he doesn't know that he feels the same about him. The only one who knows is Michael.

Harry Styles has been in 5SOS since 2011 and he never knew that Luke has a crush on him. That wasn't until when he and the boys came back from the concert that Luke attmitted his feelings for him and they kissed for the first time.

A few months later, Harry found out that Luke has cheated on him with Camila and he broke down in tears crying that he didn't notice Ashton walk in the room. He also found out that he is pregnant with his child.

Will Harry be able to trust Luke after he apologises to him after or not? Read and find out


19. Chapter 19: Sequel

The sequel to this story is going to be posted soon. It's going to be called Life as Harry Styles-Hemmings 

Here's a little preview of what the story is going to be about: 

It's been 2 years since Riley Selena Styles-Hemmings was born and Harry and Luke are engaged (Luke proposed to Harry while they were on tour and Luke popped the question to Harry after they sang Amnesia). 5SOS are still touring. Harry and Luke only told the boys and the fans know about them (since Luke posted a tweet on Twitter when he found out that Harry was pregnant). Harry and Luke have arguments most of the time but then they make up a because Luke knows that Harry can't stay mad at him forever. But what happens when Harry finds out that Luke cheated on him again? Will he forgive him this time?

The story will be posted on my profile once I write the first chapter

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