Living With 5 Seconds Of Summer | Huke Stemmings [Completed] ✔️

Luke Hemmings has a secret crush on his bandmate Harry Styles and he doesn't know that he feels the same about him. The only one who knows is Michael.

Harry Styles has been in 5SOS since 2011 and he never knew that Luke has a crush on him. That wasn't until when he and the boys came back from the concert that Luke attmitted his feelings for him and they kissed for the first time.

A few months later, Harry found out that Luke has cheated on him with Camila and he broke down in tears crying that he didn't notice Ashton walk in the room. He also found out that he is pregnant with his child.

Will Harry be able to trust Luke after he apologises to him after or not? Read and find out


18. Chapter 18: Telling the boys about the engagement

It's been 2 weeks since Luke proposed to Harry and now that fans know about the engagement (since Harry posted the picture of the engagement ring on Twitter). Now Harry is nervous about telling the boys that he and Luke are engaged. Harry bit his lip nervously and Luke could tell so he held his hand in his to comfort him. 

Luke's POV 

I looked at Hazzy and I saw that he was nervous about telling the boys. "Haz, it'll be okay love" I told him as I held my hand in his to comfort him. "You sure love? What if management finds out? Lukey, they'll tell us to break up love" his voice cracked when he said that. I pouted. "Hazzy don't cry love" I told him and I stroked his cheek. He bit his lip as I leaned in to kiss him. Harry smirked and deepened the kiss and bit down on my bottom lip and I moaned a little and he smirked that I didn't noticed the other boys walk in the room. I pulled away from the kiss and Harry pouted "Later love" I said in his ear and he nodded. "Hey lads" Ashton giggled. "Hi Lukey" I giggled "Hi Ashy" "What do yon have to tell us?" Mikey asked. I held Harry's hand "Lads, me and Hazzy are engaged" Cal, Mikey and Ashy squealed and congratulated us on our engagement. "You guys are going to have to have a happy life together" I nodded. "I know that I will since I'm engaged to this dope" I said as I looked over at Harry and he giggled "How am I a dope Lukey?" He asked. I giggled "It's just how you are love" I told him as I kissed him passionately and moaned a little when I felt him bit down on my bottom lip and he smirked as he deepened the kiss. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with his dork. I love him so much. 

Normal POV 

Luke pulled away from the kiss. "I love you Harry Styles" he said looking at Harry with love and lust in his eyes. Harry giggled "I love you too Luke Hemmings" Luke smirked "I can't wait until you become Harry Styles-Hemmings" Harry giggled again "I can't wait either love" Luke smirked and kissed him again.

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