On and On it Goes

Ace was your typical highschool boy, except for the fact that he was the exact opposite. Ace was a neko, a half human- half cat hybrid. These "Neko"'s aren't exactly accepted into the world. They are just another thing for people to bully and enslave. Ace's parents are well known neko's and that is the only reason he is even in school. Join Ace on his journey trying to be an average kid.


4. Project Buddies

I still hid my "differences" at school. I was still bullied, and occasionally saved by Ryan. I still dreaded going to school everyday. But now... I had an actual friend. Someone who knew my secret(s), someone who was there for me, but I wasn't stupid.. I knew that one day he would leave me, everyone did eventually. 

I sighed, leaning my head on my desk and one of the kids beside me patted my shoulder, making me raise my head. My eyes met with a pair of pale grey ones.

"You okay mate?" The boy asked, eyebrow furrowed in worry only slightly.

I nodded my head, not really feeling like using my voice.

The boy smiled shyly and held out a hand. " 'm Joel." 

I shook the boys hand and whispered softly. " I'm Ace..."

"Would you like to work on the project together?"

I blinked. "What project...?"

Joel chuckled a bit. "You really weren't paying attention were you? The teacher said to partner up for a project."

I blushed a bit embarrassed. "Oh... Yeah, sure. We can be partners..."

Joel smiled at me and patted my shoulder as the bell rang signaling that the day was over.

"See ya tomorrow mate!" He called out as he left the room.

I stood grabbing my bag and walking out the same direction he had. I looked towards my left and saw Ryan, talking to some of the kids that I only knew because they bullied me.

Wait. What? I looked back and yes, there stood Ryan talking to them.


Ryan must have felt a pair of eyes on him because he suddenly looked towards me and met my eyes. I stiffened. Suddenly those black eyes weren't interesting... more... terrifying.


Cliff hanger~~ ^^


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