On and On it Goes

Ace was your typical highschool boy, except for the fact that he was the exact opposite. Ace was a neko, a half human- half cat hybrid. These "Neko"'s aren't exactly accepted into the world. They are just another thing for people to bully and enslave. Ace's parents are well known neko's and that is the only reason he is even in school. Join Ace on his journey trying to be an average kid.


2. Bruises

I whimpered as my back was slammed against a locker. It has been a week since I started this school, no one knows my secret yet, but I still get bullied... 

"You listening to my fag?!" The boy standing over me growled.

I nodded meekly, afraid talking would make it worse.

The boy smirked and gripped my hair through my beanie, making me yelp as he also yanked my ears.The boy drew back his other hand, ready to punch. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact, there was a gust of air and then....

Nothing. The boy's grip on me was gone, and I didn't feel a fist connect with my face. I slowly opened my eyes to see Ryan standing over the other boy, an angry look on his face. Ryan glanced in my direction and smiled softly at me.

"You ok Ace...?" He asked softly, his Irish accent soothing me as he walked over and touched my cheek, making me wince in pain as my face was covered in bruises.

I nodded looking down, not wanting him to have to worry about my pain. Suddenly I felt dizzy, I fell forward, into Ryan and he caught me easily.

I could faintly hear him repeating my name over and over.... But I was already gone.

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