Mad As Rabbits

"We must reinvent love."

Riding the mint green bicycle she saw the familiar small white rabbit.

Feeling adventurous she followed the white rabbit into the shady forest and watched it fall into the dark, never ending hole.

Taking a deep breath, she crouched down and fell into the never-ending hole.

She became Mad As Rabbits.


1. Chapter 1: Mad As Rabbits

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"You can come back in when you've learned not to be a bitch!" 

Flinching at the sound of her front door being slammed in her face, Ali scowled at door, which needs replacing.

Stupid dad and his stupid ugly abusive nature.

Walking out into her driveway, Ali glanced at the window.

Seeing her mother giving her a apologetic look, Ali sighed and waved her off.

Trotting to her green bike, she placed her bottom onto the seat and rode off. 

Ali rode on her bike to the only place she found peace.

The forest.

No one would ever bother her.

Not humans at least.

She didn't mind the small furry creatures riding around her legs.

They gave her a childish feeling, when she was actually happy and smiling.

Sliding down the dark brown tree trunk, Ali sighed.

Resting her eyes, in her mind she recalls a tea party she had, when she was younger and happy.

"Hello, Mr. White Rabbit!" Young Ali chirped at the stuffed rabbit. 

"Thank you for joining my tea party, Mr. Hatter, Mr. White Rabbit, and Mr. Cheshire Cat." 

Ali thanked all the stuffed animals politely as if they were real and could understand her.

Pouring "tea" into Mr. Hatter's unique tea cup, she accidentally split fake tea onto his coat. 

Ali gasped. "I'm so so sorry Mr. Hatter!" 

"I don't know what came over me!"

Ali was awoke by shuffling grass around her feet.

Her nerves on high alert from the unexpected feeling she jumped. 

Only to find, a familiar small white rabbit laying next to her left foot.

idk if this is a long chapter or not

sorry if the storyline seems a bit off i came up with this from a p!atd song "mad as rabbits"
hence the title.
about the abusive father if youre being abused by anyone please tell someone.

this is going to have a alice in wonderland theme kind of bUT theres to going be romance i promise.
anyways, thank you for reading have a lovely night, or day.


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