Shadow Lover

This is poem I wrote a while ago, inspired by a concept given to me by my best fried. It is for submission to Movellas poetry competition.


1. Shadow Lover(a non-lyrical prose)

~You're like my imaginary friend
The way you're never here
But when I need your help again
I feel you drawing near
A shadow dancing through the dark
You glide into my dreams
I feel your warm breath on my neck
As you whisper in my ear
Sweet whiskey words that thin my blood
Fill me up and bring me down
Like fire I blaze
Beneath your gaze
Your fingers dance across my skin
I feel like a work of art
Molded to your liking
I become a masterpiece
Beneath your hands
More alive with every movement
When all is said and done
And weve had all our fun
You leave
I turn my head
But you have fled
Im left with only cold
But it ends now
Oh shadow lover
Your games are growing old

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