Saved ( A Niall Horan Love story)

When 15 year old Skyler Greg runs away from home due to bullying she runs into a 16 year old irish lad named Niall Horan. She felt like she was being saved, loved and rebuilt when she met him but, she keeps denying it in her mind that she does not love him back. Little does she now she's falling for him. Hard.


6. What will she say??

Skyler's P.O.V

" Hey Nialler, what ya doin" I asked Niall. He was just sitting there throwing rocks at the ground. He looked confused but a little excited. " Nothing much" he replied. He just continued throwing rocks as an awkward silence filled the air. I decided to grab a small pebble and then threw it at his cheek. " Hey, what was that for" he said smiling a bit". i shrugged my shoulders and grabbed another pebble. Niall backed away with his hands up. "Ok I surrender" He said causing me to laugh. He put his hands down and walked up to me. "What did I ever do to you" he asked smirking. " I dunno" I said in a baby tone of voice. He let out a small laugh. I absolutely loved his laugh, he had one of those laughs that makes you want to laugh, unlike me who sounds like a dying seal. I snapped out of my thoughts and seen Niall throwing rocks again. " Niall, are you ok, you look confused" I said. " I'm ok and i'm not confused, i just need some time to thing about how i'm going to ask-" He quickly stopped talking and put his hand over his mouth. " Ask who what" I asked more curiously. " Umm nothing" He said lightning fast. He looked nervous, which caused me to worry. " Niall please tell me, I hate secrets" I said desperate. " No its embarrassing" He replied. " I promise I won't laugh". He looked at me and spoke. " I'm thinking about how to ask this girl that I really like out". I felt my heart sink when he said that. I really like Niall but apparently he does not like me. " What's her name" I asked with a tad bit of sadness in my voice. I heard him mumble a name but it was unclear. " What was that" I asked. " Skyler, her name is Skyler" he said a little louder. My heart rose up as I looked at him. " Will you go out with me Skyler" He asked. My insides were dancing like the little penguins in Ice Age were. He was looking at me waiting for an answer, both hands in his pockets. " I would love to" I replied. His eyes lit up. " Yay, you said yes" He said dancing like a 5 year old, I started to laugh as he said we will be going to the amusement park tomorrow. My eyes lit up. I have aways loved amusement parks, but I was always terrified of heights.

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