Saved ( A Niall Horan Love story)

When 15 year old Skyler Greg runs away from home due to bullying she runs into a 16 year old irish lad named Niall Horan. She felt like she was being saved, loved and rebuilt when she met him but, she keeps denying it in her mind that she does not love him back. Little does she now she's falling for him. Hard.


4. Nialls thoughts and P.O.V

Was I falling for her.... Yes.... Do I like her...... Yes...... Does she like me....Probably not. There were so many thoughts in my mind it was insane. What happened to her when she was out there..... Why was she out there.... Was she hurt....

"NIALL" Louis yelled at me to get me up causing me to snap out of my thoughts. I sprong up to find Louis and Skyler staring at me. Skyler was smiling. " Why are you smiling" I asked Skyler. " Because you were sleeping" she replied. " Why Is that something you should be smiling about". She just shrugged her shoulders and walked out with Louis. Do I look funny when I sleep.... Do I look cute when I sleep.... Do I look weird when I sleep... UGH.

I got up from bed and changed into some comfortable clothes. I walked down stairs to smell eggs with a hint of bacon. I walked in the kitchen and saw everyone eating. Skyler looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. " Your food is right there Nialler" Harry said pointing to the seat next to Skyler. I walked over to the seat and sat down. Skyler didn't even bother looking up because she was eating. Which made me chuckle. " Why are you laughing" asked Skyer. " I don't know" I lied. She raised an eyebrow and then went back to eating. " I'M DONE" Skyler sang. She put her dish in the sink and said she was going to get some fresh air which confused me because when she said that she walked upstairs. I continued eating until Louis said " You fancy her Nialler, don't you. " No" I lied. He raised an eyebrow and said " Don't try to hide it we all know you do" " We can tell by the way you look at her".  "Fine but you can't tell her though" Niall said. " Were not" they all said at the same time. I heard the front door slam which made me flinch. " Relax Niall its just Skyler" Liam said. " I know" I replied. I finished my food and put it in the sink not bothering to wash it. I walked outside to see no sight of Skyler. I walked down the steps and looked around the side of the house to see if she was there. She was. I seen her pop something in her mouth and then she took a sip of her water. I figured it was just candy or something and walked up to her. "Skyler" I said. She looked at me and asked how long i've been standing there. " I don't know" I replied. She looked at me weirdly and then smiled. I knew it was a fake smile and that she was hiding something but I didn't point anything out. " I'm tired " She said. " Wait but didn't you just wake up" I asked. " Yeah but you have to understand I haven't got any sleep for like 2 weeks" She said. She quickly put her hand over her mouth as to what she just said. " Wait thats how long you've been out there" I asked. She just looked at me and said " Yeah, Sooo". " Sorry for asking you can go get some sleep now" I said a little bit faster then I usually talk. She walked past me and into the house. Niall your such an idiot!!! Why would you ask her something like that!!! You know what I just need some time to let my head loose.

I walked to the front of the house and found my way to the place I usually go when i'm stressed. I laid down on a rock and looked up at the sky surrounded by trees. I put my head back and let it go blank. Trust me it's a good feeling.

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