Saved ( A Niall Horan Love story)

When 15 year old Skyler Greg runs away from home due to bullying she runs into a 16 year old irish lad named Niall Horan. She felt like she was being saved, loved and rebuilt when she met him but, she keeps denying it in her mind that she does not love him back. Little does she now she's falling for him. Hard.


1. About me

Hi lovelies my name is Skyler Greg. I first opened my crystal blue eyes on February 14, 2000. Yes I know my birthday is on Valentines day. It is really not that big of a deal. To be honest I wish my birthday were on a regular day like july 9th or something. LOVE is just a word full of complete lies. There is no such thing as true love. It's just a fake like Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and the easter bunny. No love once so ever. None.

Well enough about love and lets talk about my school life. Lets just say school is the worst part of my day. You wanna know why, because it makes me feel worthless. Everywhere I turn i'm being laughed at, rumored, beat up, and being told I should die and this has caused some very scary thoughts in my head. Ok i'm done complaining about me life, now let me tell you a few minor things about me.

Favorite color- GREEN

Favorite instrument- Guitar because I have played it since I was 7

Favorite song- U smile by- Justin Bieber

Favorite artist- Justin Bieber


Talent- Singing, and playing guitar

Personality- Shy at first, lovable, cute, and funny

I have blonde hair and as I said before crystal blue eyes. I love animals more than I love most people and I live with my mother. I guess those are all the minor details. Bye lovelies :) :) :) :) :) :) ;)


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