Bad Blood z.m

now we got problems,and I don't think we can solve 'em
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


2. i.


"You're a worthless little piece of shit" He yells as he beats me to death, blood coming out of my body with every hit, every kick, every punch. Everything was painful, but what hurt the most was what he was doing to me. I thought he loved me, everything was a lie. He picked my small body up and threw me against the wall. I yell in pain loudly, all i hear from him is a dark and evil laugh. I close my blue eyes for a moment and open them again to see his back face me. I look around me and my eyes land on a black gun, i slowly  make my way towards it ignoring my pain. I crawl with every bit of strengthen i have left. I let out a small shaky breath, my small skinny hand reaches out to the gun. i take it and aim towards him.

''goodbye Zack'' He turns around, and before he can say his last words the gun goes off three times. He falls quickly to the ground with blood all over him. The sound of sirens are heard, i drop the gun and close my eyes. Feeling everything around me go away.

" Andrea focus'' I shake my head and look up to see Liam in front of me. I push the horrible vision out of my head and take a deep breath.

'' Did you think about Zack again ?'' I nod as i sit down on the bench.

'' All i want to do is forget about him and move on but.. i can't no matter how hard i try'' I explain to him. It's been two years since i last saw him and ever will see him. I killed him, and his ghost has been haunting me since.                         

 '' You had to do it, or else you would've been dead. The whole reason i brought you to the the association was for you to become a better spy a better agent a better fighter and most importantly to become a better women." He says as he gives me a pat on the back,

" Thanks Payne.'' He nods and signals that he has to go.

I sigh and look down at my hands, Since that night,i was brought to the association. Where the most powerful, strongest, skilled and most beautiful women were trained to retrieve papers that were important to the uk. And to ruin the lives of men who mistreated us. Each of us were brought here by Liam Payne director of the association or the headmistress.

I had been here for two good years and made amazing progress.And throughout those two years I've never let a man mistreat me and i never will.

I stand up and make my way towards the exit. The sound of my black ankle heels gave an echo that filled the large room. My blue eyes focused on what was going to come.

The sound of the alarm went off, which meant that i got to kick ass.

I walk out the door picking up knifes. I turn to the left to see Catastrophe and K.C running towards me.  

"Andrea, two boys just broken in. You have to go to the west wing to distract one of them" Catastrophe said, i nod and being to run to the west wing. I mentally scowl at myself for wearing high heels, i make a few right turns trying to push past all the girls who were running out of the building to stop the two men, i make it to the west wing to find it quiet. I take slow steps around the white room. My blue eyes looking for clues as to who might be in here.

I take one more step, i stand still waiting for anything to happen. Before i can leave i feel an arm around my neck, i quickly take the arm and flip the persons body over so that they hit the ground, i straddle them by putting my legs around their waist while both my hands hold their hands down.    

I take this time to study the male in front of me, his arms were inked with beautiful tattoos, He had black hair that was styled up in a quiff, he looked like my age maybe a year older. I finally look into his caramel eyes that were absolutely breath taking. And his soft pink lips held a smirk.

'' You're pretty strong for a women" He says revealing his thick British accent, i roll my eyes at his remark and hold his wrists down.

"Who are you and what do you want ?'' I ask sternly wanting to get this over with as soon as i could.

"Zayn Malik, that's all you're getting from me love" I sigh and realize this is going to be a lot harder then i thought.

"You talk the faster we can end this" He rolls his eyes and tightens his jawline.

" Listen love, there's no way you can get me to talk" I take my gun out from behind my pocket and put it on his forehead. 

" How about now, love'' i mock him, this dickhead was getting on my last nerves.

"go ahead kill me, you won't accomplished anything by doing that. Expect for adding it to your records'' i slowly put the gun away.

"so you think your a smart ass huh?'' 

" I guess so, now get off of me love it's not very lady like'' I get off but don't let go of him. We stand up and i push him against the wall.

''Malik, you better start talking before my girls come'' i say as i kick the red button with my foot. Which made a rather loud sound.

''i rather rot in hell then tell you''

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