was passionate about death...
Michael: was a passionate writer...


5. five



 The short time, i have spent here, i have realised you cannot make someone stay if they were meant to go. He was like a passing wind, drifting and filling me in the moment,content and whirled into a haze of his own blur. But he couldn't be seen or touched, he was just passing by,just passing by me.


 "This is another mix i thought you'd like for that day... and i uhh found this journal it used to be mine--uhmm i ripped my stuff out but uhh but i thought maybe you could have many last notes instead of just one".

Her hands twisted around my neck,her body was so close to me,this was our final moment. I think she knew that i was leaving..

"What is it like dying". Her lips whispered on the side of my neck.

"Well when you finally leave this life, there is nothing for a few moments you  are sinking further and further,it is peace.Every moment of it." "I didn't realise i was dead, until, i came back here." "I can't remember too much of the life i spent here." "You see it's like waking up from a good dream,you aren't always supposed to remember what happens." "Life is like a dream when you wake up,you will not dream the same thing,you will not have what you had, you will be distant and changed." "I'm at the stage, where i don't know if,my distant thoughts are actually memories of my old life,or just how i imagined it was". 

 Her crinkled sheets reminded me of her under the spring green leaves,her nose crinkling in resemblance as the sun shined between the leaves, she squinted in protest. Her nails were an evergreen of black, she smiled slightly and we layed there talking about death,love,life and all of what we are,or could be.

"What are you smiling about Mikey?" her question bringing me back to her band postered dimly lit room.

"past times" i whispered into her soft charred lips.

"kiss me" she replied.

I made a mental note to trace her lips with my thumb, her body shook,a shiver taking its form in bumps over her pale complextion.

Gently taking her face between my hands,slowly and all at once our lips whispering sweet nothings,our damned souls welcoming each other home.The barely audible murmur that seeps from Luna's stereo is Alex Turner singing a favourite of Luna's,this moment was special in a twisted sad way. 

Her lips were more than the words in my head,than her wishes to be dead,they were perfectly synced with mine now. Pushing her back against her pillow,managing to not break the kiss. Her small  hands itch at the hem of my shirt,asking for me to take it off. Taking off my shirt, looking down into her riveting eyes,oh Luna why do you do this to me...?

Slipping her skirt off leaving her in her black knee socks and spotted panties, i couldn't resist,leaning forward,kissing her while cupping her breasts with my hands.

Unbuttoning my jeans,her hands quick to remove them tugging at my waistband. I protest placing her back against the pillow. Throwing my jeans to the floor accompained with my boxers i grinde against her. Lowering myself to whisper in her delicate ear.

"Are you sure?" i half pant, half moan as she grinds against me.

"Yes". She moans quietly against my jaw.



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