Purple Leaves

In a small industrial town tucked away in the backwoods of Connecticut, Leon whom dropped off the radar a few years back after the special abilities he has been handed down from generations got the best of him has made a comeback. Reuniting with his brothers they must cope with the difficult lifestyle they have been placed in since birth.


2. The Meeting

On the west side of town lays a manor, the front gate has a plaque labeled "Birchwood Manor." Two hundred years ago, the Birchwoods made profit off of the land around them. On the other side of the mountain they set up a logging camp. Soon after they found lots of clay in the soil and inevitably opened up a clay manufacturing plant as well as a rock quarry. The Birchwoods made their fortune off of the demand for building supplies that the growing town needed. It was not always a large town. When the Birchwoods lived in that place it was mostly small farms with quiet dirt roads. When the Birchwoods had all passed away, it was bought by the Stallings. Vern and Leon Stalling are two of the three owners, although Vern no longer lives in the manor.


The library was a creamy marble, with ceilings 40ft high and wooden book shelves covered in books that date back to when the house was first built. The large table in front of the fire place was empty, the glow of the roaring fire glistening off of the polished oak. It was a dark and stormy night, the wind pounded against the stained glass windows and thunder and lightning crashed left and right as the sheets of rain hit the building like a monsoon. Slowly but surely the three brothers filed their way into the room. The third brother, he was known as the law man. He carried the family book everyware, and every choice they made had to go through the book first. He used that family book of guidelines as if it was the law. His real name was John. The three brothers sat in silence, then finally Vern said "Okay we are here, what is it that you want?" Leon said "We have a problem, the vampires are back. I have seen them in the trees, and people are going missing. Its time to save the people who reside here." Vern said "Why us? Cant somebody else do this? I just want to live a normal life." Leon stood up and shouted "Im sorry that you are so inconvenienced by the slaughtering of fellow members of our town!" Before the brothers continued, the sound of a book slamming shut stopped all talk. John whos hands were placed on top of the book quietly said "He is right, something must be done. I want to hear more about this tomorrow."

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