Luke in wonderland

This is for the battle of the fandom contest
Calum and Michael were outside my house playing with water guns while Ashton and I were inside the kitchen eating watermelon.
That's when I left I vanished into thin air...and that's when I met Alice in wonderland.


1. Smells like watermelon


Today is like any other day in Australia hot and humid and just like any other day Michael,Calum,and Ashton would come over to my house so they can relax by the pool. I'm used to it because they have been doing this every summer since 5th grade.

I woke up around 11:00 soaking wet with Calum,Michael,and Ashton smirking at me.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty" Michael said and kissed my forehead.

I got up and flicked him in the forehead and wiped his kiss off my forehead. 

"Aw Lukey Poo don't be like that" Michael continued to taught me. 

I rolled my eyes at him and walked to my bathroom. I locked the door and stared at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were bloodshot, my hair was all over the place,and the color of my skin was drained.

I groaned rubbed my eyes and turned the shower on. I took of my boxers and white t shirt that I slept in and stood in the shower letting the hot water relax my tense body. I started washing my hair with my sister's smells like watermelon.I rinsed off and grabbed two towels one for my head and another to cover myself.  

I walked over to the sink and brushed my teeth with mint toothpaste that makes my teeth burn and gargled with mouthwash. When I was done I walked back to my room and hear noise from my backyard. I poked my head out and saw the guys and with my next door neighbor/crush Samantha Hunter(Chrissy Costanza) hanging outside lying on the beach chairs. 

I walked more like ran to my closet and put on swim trunks and a muscle shirt and flip flops on and green ray bands and walked out of room and walked downstairs. I went into the kitchen and saw a note on the counter and walked up and grabbed it. It said:

Dear Luke,

Your brothers and I went out to the store to do some shopping,will be back around 9:00.
be good and don't destroy the house this time!~Mom

I laughed to myself as I remembered her face when I was left alone and had a party and how she was mortified when she had to speak to the cops...good times.

I walked outside to the pool and saw everyone stop talking when I entered and Samantha smiled softly while the other smirked at me.

"What?" I asked confused after I returned Samantha's smile.

"Oh nothing" Calum said and took his shirt off and jumped into the water.

I raised an eyebrow at Ashton and Michael and they just shrugged. I rolled my eyes and sat in Calum's chair that was next to Ashton and Samantha.

I pulled out my phone and started playing Kim Kardashian. I was on level 16 and an A lister and can I just say they made Kendall look so ugly in this game,but they got Kim,Khloe,Kylie,and Kris look like they do in real life.

"What you playing" Ashton asked.

I looked at him with wide eyes and shut my phone off.

"Nothing" I said rather quickly.

"Mhm" he said eyeing me up and down a few times and snatched my phone out of my hand and started typing in my password.

"What the fuck Ashton!" I said and jumped onto him and tried to grab my phone.

"Oh my god Luke your such a pussy really Kim Kardashian" He said and threw his head back and I grabbed my phone.

Sammie,Michael,and Calum were laughing at me and flipped them off and walked into my house with Ashton following behind me.

"C'mon Luke don't be like that" He laughed.

"Suck Mikey's dick" I said and walked into the kitchen and took out some watermelon.

"Fine be like that,but at least share" he said and grabbed some watermelon and started eating it until I fell off my chair and blacked out...





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