Not everyone has a normal life, especially Emily, who has run away from home to be with her boyfriend that neither her parents or friends approve of. Justin Bieber, the leader of the most wanted gang in the Bronx, helps Emily take on the adventure of living with him and his boys; Zayn, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam. Will she survive in such a horrible town or find the love of her life...?


3. Part of The Blairs


"Zayn, stop, you don't know what you are getting into," I yelled across the hall. He did not hear me though, he was already upstairs. The other boys were out of sight, I really couldn't see anything. These shots were affecting my vision. I have been drunk before, and this is not what it feels like. I was confused, and did not know what was happening. The music was getting louder in my ears and everything was spinning. Two men, neither which I knew, came up to me and pulled on my wrists. Maybe they were security getting me help. I was wrong, I was thrown into the back of a van before I could even blink. I was dark and I could feel my wrists start to be tied together. Oh my God, it wasn't just shots Grayson was giving me, it was pills. And suddenly everything went black.


A few hours later, I woke up, feet tied to a metal bar. A few rats were living in the concrete basement I was in. It was disgusting and reeked of piss and sweat. There was one light bulb at the top of the small room, but it only light up a small portion of the room. The bulb was clearly years old. There was a small window to the right but was only big enough to stick my head through. No chance of escaping there. The window was blacked out because just darkness was on the other side, indicating I was underground.


"Goodmorning, sunshine, you have been asleep for three days babe," I saw Grayson step out into the room and say.

"I thought Zayn...and who were those men...and-" he cut me off.

"One question at a time babe, don't worry, I got time, and by the looks of it, so do you," He winked.

"I thought Zayn was going to get you," I started.

"He tried," Grayson laughed, "but lets face it, I am a lot better, and stronger than him, do not worry, Zayn only got a few bruises."

"Who were those men who grabbed me?" I asked.

"My boys," he grinned.

"Why did, I don't understand why you took me," I stuttered.

"Because," Grayson started, "I want you, for myself, I mean look at you," he studied my half naked body, "you are sexy and hot, and as long as I have you, The Blairs are best," he smirked.

"I am not part of The Blairs," I protested, "I do not want to be, and also, I refuse to be!" I yelled.


He walked up to me and smacked me right across the face, leaving a red mark on my cheek. I gritted my teeth and spit on him, he was not pleased. 


"You bitch, I will have my way with you," he smirked, "whether you like it or not, you will be sorry for that," he said.


I got scared.


"I...I am sorry, please don't hurt me or anything," I whimpered.

"Shut up, its too damn late for apologies now, you are mine, and there is nothing you can do about it, do you understand?" He sneered.

"Yes," I whispered.

"Good, now you are part of The Blairs, and if I let you free, will you be a good girl and come upstairs with me, and not try and run?" He asked.

"Mhm," I lied, but he didn't know that.


He untied my feet from the metal bar, but I still lied on the ground, pulling my legs to my chest, rubbing my ankles, they were bleeding and swollen, they hurt like hell. After some time, I trudged up the stairs behind Grayson. I went much slower than him, so he took my hand and led me faster up the stairs. My feet were wobbly and they hurt very much. When the natural sunlight hit my face, I squinted and had to let my eyes adjust because I have not seen sunlight in a while. I saw the same two men that took me, and I glared intently at them. They just laughed because they knew I could not do anything about it. The boys introduced themselves as Joel and Ray, and there were a few more members, but those three were the top dogs. They showed me to my new room and I sat on the bed as they slammed the door shut and locked it from the outside. It was a beautiful room, I must admit, but it was nothing compared to the room I shared with Justin. I searched desperately for my phone, just to find out that it was not with me, they have it, or I dropped it. I went over to the window, it was bigger than the one I had in the basement. I could fit out of this one. It was tricky though, I was on the third floor. It would be a huge jump. 


When I tried opening the window, it did not budge. It was obviously locked. They aren't stupid I kept reminding myself. I just had to stay here for a bit until Justin came to get me. He must have known that I was with Grayson, his enemy. Justin is very smart too. 


"Emily, get your ass down here now" I heard Grayson scream. 

"The door is locked, dumbass," I retorted.

"Do not talk to me like that, I will deal with you about that later. We have things to discuss," he said as he unlocked the door.

"Like what?"

"How I can trust that you will be part of us."

"I won't be, I don't want to be." 

"Fine, then until you want to be, you will not go anywhere or see anyone."

"Why can't I just leave both gangs and not be a part of this at all?"

"I am not stupid, you will just go back to Justin." I rolled my eyes at his words.


And with that, he smacked me across the face. I fell down, hard and he kicked me.


"Don't roll your eyes at me, again," he yelled.


I lied there crying on the floor and he left after a few minutes. I got up carefully, and checked around to see where the doors are. I looked around the kitchen and saw a back door. I bolted through it, and ran to a nearby car. It was unlocked, but there were no keys. I locked the door so no one could get in the car. But before I knew it, Grayson was standing in front of me, smiling. 


"You realize, that is my car, and I have the keys," he smiled.


Shit, I thought. I heard an unlocking sound, and he opened the front door.

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